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Landscape therapy

My second metal print……………
Maybe my last planned photograph, for years getting to landscapes was more than therapeutic for me. This summer constant conflict and eyesight have pretty much halted the journey.

My love for seeking out the common raven to photograph was because the deplorable among us were so eager to kill them off through out our history that they can only be found in our remote national parks.


Great Falls was a landscape that took my breath away, very healing feel.


Nickel Bridge 2012


I feel very fortunate for living a life in the cradle of the new world and was once described as such by this historical marker. In some way you have to ask WTF happen?



Cilantro 7/11/2018

“Bolting is the production of a flowering stem (or stems) on agricultural and horticultural crops.”

Due to a horrible family tragedy I lost focus on the Garden.




My first metal print 6/15/2018


graphic detail of print above.







¡Viva! :  ” from Latin vivere “to live.”


“Crossover may refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Fiction and media; 2 Music; 3 Genetics; 4 Sport; 5 Computing and electronics; 6 Other uses. Fiction and media[edit]. etc.”



A 2012 photograph of my beloved cat Sweetie we lost last year. I haven’t been able to search out photographs of her because of the grief.


death & lawnmower

Attended funeral this morning.
My vintage lawnmower threw a rod mid-day.
Hours searching for this 2016 photo, suppose I should have taken better care of this machine I have enjoyed through the years.

5/27/2018 photo of garden planted on Cinco de Mayo




a day at the beach

Visited Neptune yesterday and had Oysters Rockefeller, very relaxing.


circa : 2010 Va Beach


One of my favorite pictures of Neptune is a resin model in the sculptors yard that has been in constant transition through the years. circa : 2012


The best rendition so far of the Va Beach Neptune. 3/27/2012


ground zero

Ground zero of tidal basin cherry blossoms.






Buteo #2

This guy has an eye on me?


The Wind Cries Mary






I haven’t been actively looking to take photographs but this Red-shouldered Hawk out back our double pane windows was worth a try.

Ten days later 3/26/2018 shot outdoors.

Congress is moving quickly to gut the Endangered Species Act, America’s strongest and most important law for protecting wildlife.

The Endangered Species Act has a proven track record of success in providing a safety net that protects our most vulnerable wildlife. It has prevented 99 percent of the species under its care from going extinct, including America’s symbol, the Bald Eagle. We should allow this critical law to continue to protect wildlife for future generations, not undermine it.

­_2017 National Audubon Society



A Red-tail Hawk from 1/6/2018 (another double pain window shot). This winter I found myself surrounded by sweet-gum trees. This could be a Red-shouldered Hawk also, not sure???



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