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Split Wing



the Expo & Science

Aerial Silks

RVA Aerial Arts Collaborative : Host of Sparrows, at practice.

23° 26′.Axial tilt

Wasn’t paying close enough attention and sort of let this leap year fool me on the correct day of the solstice. Which was yesterday!

Back in your own backyard

“You’ll find your happiness lies right under your eyes, Back in your own backyard”

Pipeline Dragon Flys

DOGTOWN (redux)



I finally made it back for the MIRA series of the biggest root ball I’ve ever seen on the Little River near Woodsons Mill in Hanover.

The single shots below :

Our friends in Beaverdam have some pretty serious organic gardening going on.

This moth was in trash can at the gas pump on the way out.

Crow & RIGO

The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra take their practice time very seriously (gag photo).