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2X and the ZIPPER

My new ZEIKOS professional HD 2.0X telephoto lens test.



The Zipper is a curious ride, which unless training for space flight I’m not sure why get on it. It is fun to watch and people do enjoy it. The Fair rides have some interesting history : http://marylandcarnivals.com/midway.htm





Chesterfield County Fair 2012

I returned to where I left from on rainy Saturday, the “Great Little Bear Show”. The Midway was a Candy Store of Light.

I really liked the fact the Camel which was a ride its self was enjoying watching the other bigger crazy rides.




the FAIR

Chesterfield County Fair 2012

Traditionally in Virginia, Fairs would bring the rain. Which in most cases is welcome except for the Midway. Although I’d prefer to catch the fair at Dusk on a pleasant day this was enjoyable too.


trainer and owner Jeanette Rix

On the way back home I stopped for a walk on the Nickel Bridge and caught an Eagle flying up from the Kanawha Canal.


Martin and David are always inspiring me!

David James : FILM


the BYRD #2

This one is for Todd, that works really hard running this wonder of a theater for us all to enjoy!


the Balcony

I had been at the river at dawn and found out at the last moment about this video shoot http://SpacePirate.org , hadn’t eaten all day and was crashing off my coffee buzz. Got some interesting stuff in-spite of the off white levels, too far pushed ISO and other wrong settings. My goal was to stay out of the productions way. Thanks it was FUN!!!


I returned at dawn to photograph the Indian Paint Brush and Ruins in better light.

Clueless what this is???

MIRA photos below :

Fleeting Moments #5

Althea’s photo below taken at the same time.

late afternoon below


Beyond the Pipeline

layer fudge

Finally did layered series of the 4th of July Gucci fireworks I viewed from under the Lee Bridge with Charles Sugg. May have pushed them too far but it is festive. Viewing the fireworks from this site felt like being on the set of “Apocalypse Now”.