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“Lincoln” (extras) 2012


Ed McDonald : Radical Repulican Rep (uncredited)

Latitude/Longitude: 38.895, -77.03667

Title: 1. Historic American Buildings Survey Copy of old photograph East Front of Capitol Dome under Construction, Showing Clairvoyee and Gates – U.S. Capitol, Intersection of North, South, & East Capitol Streets & Capitol Mall, Washington, District of Columbia, DC
Medium: 8 x 10 in.
Reproduction Number: HABS DC,WASH,1–1

The photo above is an O3 fake but a worthy tribute for all of us that were lucky enough to be extras in this very special movie. Big thanks to Billy Dowd for casting us and all the other hard working people we met! I was on set for 55 hours in four days and will have no record of my part unless I make the cut. Just being witness to, was enough. Ed was lucky enough to be photographed by friends that were on Capitol Grounds during a break. In Ed’s words :

“Those two weeks on a Spielberg set were absolutely amazing. The level of expertise, talent and professionalism were astounding, and I will recall and cherish so many images from that experience for the rest of my life.”
Ed McDonald


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