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Panorama 3 edit 22b

This is the first sunset I’ve really seen pop all Fall, it doesn’t last long.





The Lost Cause

Althea and I were able to see the Spielberg Lincoln film today which is like no other. Growing up in a town of monuments saluting a cause that romanticizes a split nation is surreal but the fact these monuments are allowed is a testament of our freedom. Both of my great grandfathers fought heroically for the south, one a wagon master who lived with a minnie ball in his back for the rest of his life, and a Second Lt. that was with Pickett at Gettysburg where he lost his leg. It was a big deal to me to be an extra in the Lincoln film that focus on the importance of liberty which this country had not, because of slavery.



Tom Chenoweth’s sculpture “Tesla”

Love this piece by Tom and a challenge to photograph so I’ll continue to try to capture it. It’s located on a really cool place on the river I need to get to more often anyway. My first try from August is below.



I got back to photograph at dusk on Saturday and this piece is a beauty at night.

River ruins below, near sculpture and below the Lee Bridge.




Also was in Hanover County during these past couple of days.

Benedicte Maurseth

Re-worked some photos from 10/10/2010 from the Richmond Folk Festival.


The original way I tone the print in 2010.





RVA Lesser-Known Monuments

My favorite is Joe Ondishko’s “Onyx Moai” a reproduction of the primitive statues on Easter Island. (private collection)

Another piece by Joe that is nearby.



Fleeting Moments #6

An excursion into Hanover and Louisa County yesterday.




Really notice when my sensor needs cleaning when I do these cloud photos. I’ve been trying to tone down my HDR since started using, this(below) is full blown old style because of the leaves. Too much color got tiresome for me, but sometimes it’s fun.


Woodson Mill House

VA Premiere, Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN

Lincoln stand-in David Foster and Craig Keeton who stood next to me during most of my scenes as #368 Republican Rep.

LA premiere was held here at the same time : http://www.chinesetheatres.com/



Día de los Muertos, RVA

This is the second time I’ve been lucky enough to have photographed Juan Salinas this year.


I love the song of the mockingbird,
Bird of four hundred voices,
I love the color of the jadestone
And the intoxicating scent of flowers,
But more than all I love my brother, man.

—Netzahualcoyotl, lord of Texcoco




Pictures below from November 2nd, Friday evening.






“Inlight”, down the street, below.


Laura is one of the first Hooper’s I have photographed, so I tried to get a good shot of her. A woman passed us on Broad Street and asked David and I if we were headed to The Richmond Photography Meetup Group? Their photos are here : http://www.meetup.com/richmondphotography/events/84354752/