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Rockfalls estate / Edward Durrell Stone

rockfallspano 0b
Street view :

“I come out of my front door every day and say, Thank you, God, for I’ve got everything I’ve ever dreamed of having.”
-Haigh Jamgochian

“Around 1937 – The W. T. Holt House, aka Rockfalls Estate, Longview and Rockfalls Drive, Richmond VA. The land also included a rock quarry. Based on the 1936 Colliers Magazine Model House. In 1968, architect Haigh Jamgochian purchased the lot and buildings and he and his then-wife opened a Montessori-type school, outfitting the home with classrooms. It operated for one year. There was an extensive fire in 1983 in which Jamgochian was badly burned. As of 2011, the house appears uninhabitable. There is also a Civil War-era cottage on the property.”


rockfallsestatePanorama  00 b


rockfallshousepanoback 3b

This place is a BEAUTY! I really hope it doesn’t end up like Pratt’s Castle or the land sub-divided. I did a dozen panorama’s that are pending……………..

rockfalls1 pano back c


rfe Panorama 9 edit b

rfe Panorama 10 edit b

rfe Panorama 12 edit b

rockfallsidepano edit 2b

rfe Panorama 14 edit b

Returned to photographed the front April 2nd early morning and sun was shooting back at me from the front window like a bullet. The land surrounding the main house is like an old friends studio that the work is still in process. You feel a man’s lifetime journey that was constant. Evident that the journey was more important than the finish. I’ve always strive for a National Park feel where ever I have lived and having frozen shoulder has helped it along a little faster than usual. I lost the last of my older relatives last year, pier to my parents, that told me of her fondness for Haigh and had I ever seen Rockfalls? It’s been a privileged to photograph and I left today overwhelmed with emotion and in a daze.

1 pano edit 2222b

3 pano edit 22 b


The Virginia State Capitol 2013

Va State Capitol pano 2013 b

The Blue Heron Rookery is directly down the hill on the river from the Capitol.

On their current brochure is printed : “This building is, beyond comparison, the finest, the most noble, and the greatest in all America.” _ A Visitor to the Capitol from France, 1796.

Virginia State Capitol 360 Panorama 2013 b

My last visit to the Capitol besides being in the House Chamber for the movie : http://otway.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/great-art-of-the-republic/

DSC_0432 edit b

DSC_0529 edit b

DSC_0544 edit b

DSC_0614 edit b

DSC_0620 edit b



Panorama 3 edit 2b

I’ve already mentioned this place has the best fish taco in town, another satisfied customer!

DSC_0644 edit 2b

DSC_0633 edit b

DSC_0666 edit b

Crow Skull

crow skull pano 2013

My friends daughter from western Hanover County found this on farmland near their home and gave to me. I’m not really a bone collector so this is a rare still-life for me. The rock I picked up the previous week beside the Hughes River (in Madison County, VA).


DSC_0343 edit b


DSC_0152 edit 360

A Crane did a complete 360 around me on the pipeline this morning and combined 2 great shots of it. Not bad for a Nikon D3000 and a 200mm completely manual Nikon lens from the 70’s!

DSCN5204 edit crow360 b

DSC_0056 edit 22hawk b

My Jay friends alerted me to a Hawk in our tree St. Paddy’s Day.

Untitled_Panorama paddydaycrow b

St. Paddy’s Day Crow

DSC_0010 edit jay

Outside our home I have a flock of buddy’s, a Cardinal, Mocking bird, Chickadee, and Blue Jay. They would probably eat out of my hand if it wasn’t for our three cats.


DSC_0023 maplebud b

This stuff always does me in during the Spring. I heard this past week as you age some allergies subside. It would be nice since I never had any problems until this past decade.



11 pano edit 22b
Hazel Mountain Overlook (2770ft, E)

A pilgrimage to a friends family graveyard in the Shenandoah National Park where his families home was beside Dark Hollow Falls before the Park.

DSC_0687 edit 11b

Panorama 18 edit b

Panorama 19 edit 2b

Panorama 4 edit b

Old Rag Mountain

9 pano edit b

Old Rag from parkway.

Panorama 23 edit b

Big Meadows

3 pano edit b

8 pano edit 2b

Barboursville Ruins

DSC_0085 edit b

DSC_0030 edit


O3 photo 2012

The Real Circus is in town today, without the tent doesn’t cut it for me. Universoul Circus are good people and put on a Great Show!

[A traditional circus performance is normally held in a ring 13 m (42 ft) in diameter. This dimension was adopted by Philip Astley to enable a horse rider to stand upright on a cantering horse to perform a series of acrobatic maneuvers and to more easily retain their balance. Circuses often have a system of tiered seating around the ring for the public; since the late 19th to early 20th century, many circus performances have taken place under large tents commonly referred to as “The Big Top”.]



Ardea herodias

DSC_0237 edit 22 b

RVA Rookery.

Untitled_Panorama1 fix b

Untitled_Panorama22 b

DSC_0106 sg b



This was taken a few years back.




pano maroon 33 b


Panorama 4 edit b


DSC_0264 edit b



panocreekbank eee b
O3 photo above

Day of show for fellow colleague : http://stircrazycafe.net/





Panorama 2 moser show b



Untitled_Panorama22mira finaledit b

O3 MIRA inspired by movement.