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mystery photographer

mystery photographer 2G b

guinea fowl : The ghastliest bird I have encountered not to mention it’s sound! Jeez, I think we may have brought home some of it’s eggs that are in our refrigerator?

New direction after my colleague’s advise to open my files as a RAW file, after fiddling with image it wanted me to save the print as the “mystery photographer”. Machines can be fun! Very Dada………

DSC_0061 edit b

Mahogany tree branch in Beaverdam.

DSC_0014 edit 22b



DSC_0023 edit222fix222x b

Sea of Pollen #2

DSC_0861 edit 2b

This Spring the sea of pollen has finally effected my sinuses and find “just say no to drugs” is averted. Praying that the Mometasone furoate wards of full blown sinusitis. It still doesn’t stop me from getting into the thick of it, too beautiful to miss!

DSC_0788 edit 22b

DSC_0759 edit 22b

DSC_0735 edit 22b



closer Panorama blueheron  33b

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DSC_0206 pipelinebirds b

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DSC_0160 edit b

There are only a hand full of local artist’s that I would immediately go out in see their work, Frank is one of them. I heard about this by word-of-mouth, details pending.

frankPanorama 2b

“Nest” – 3404 Semmes Avenue in historic Woodland Heights (RVA). Located directly across Semmes from the Patrick Henry Charter school, 1 block from Crossroads Coffee and the Parkside Cafe; three doors down from Coqui Cyclery. Now accepting consignments of local Art/Crafts, antiques and accessories. Be sure to visit our gallery to see an amazing installation by Frank Heller.

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DSC_0117 edit b

bee happy #3

DSC_0640 edit 2b

I always try to make software do what it shouldn’t be able when I learn new Technics. Crash the program a lot and there is rebooting galore but some gems appear with of course too much color. It’s the same bee in flight from about a foot in a half, 4 different pictures in focus with a 200mm completely manual lens. The second photo I just merged 2 photos.

DSC_0640 edit 333b

Interesting show in D.C. regarding photography, a fleeting moment from driving through the mall recently.

DSC_0038fakingit b

Panorama 1arcsoft

I briefly had time this morning to run the 4 pictures through the arcsoft panorama software that comes with any Nikon these days. I tell people you can panorama anything and encourage it. This post is for my colleague that wonders what is real in my photos, chuckle! All the flaws I’d normally tweaked are left, these are really raw rough-cuts. The bee is real! In flight and not harmed in any way.

Panorama 1arcsoft finalcut b

This would be the final rough cut. (still not right will fix tomorrow)

DSC_0702crow b

and what’s a day with out a crow siting, got some Eagles on the Chickahominy river also.

DSC_0687 edit eagle dream b

Rhododendron viscosum (Swamp Azalea)

DSC_0623 edit 22b

“swamp azalea – shrub growing in swamps throughout the eastern United States and having small white to pinkish flowers resembling honeysuckle.”

DSC_0409 edit 2fix b




DSC_0401 edit 2b

This and the Indian Paint Brush I can’t photograph enough during their season. Below is a pine I planted in our yard decades ago.

DSC_0476 edit 2b

DSC_0471 edit 2b

DSC_0538 edit 222b

Washington, Khalima, and Shahrzad

DSC_0039 edit 22b


DSC_0042 edit b

Interesting Sunday, I’ve been reading all I can get my hands on about French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. This piece is a national treasure! A little rusty on photographing with the digital lens after a couple of months of bird chasing with a fixed 200mm manual lens from the 70’s. Also frustrated on not having a full sensor, frame camera for low light. Regarding this statues time period that was close to Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign :

“Europe is but a mole-hill. There have existed mighty empires, save in the East, the cradle of all religions, the birthplace of all metaphysics.”
_Napoleon Bonaparte

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DSC_0277 edit 222b

Untitled_Panorama1111fix b

A couple of photos below from my first visits to Dogtown Dance Theatre a couple of years back.

K cloud 2 edit city b

dtpano edit 2b