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Washington, Khalima, and Shahrzad

DSC_0039 edit 22b


DSC_0042 edit b

Interesting Sunday, I’ve been reading all I can get my hands on about French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. This piece is a national treasure! A little rusty on photographing with the digital lens after a couple of months of bird chasing with a fixed 200mm manual lens from the 70’s. Also frustrated on not having a full sensor, frame camera for low light. Regarding this statues time period that was close to Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign :

“Europe is but a mole-hill. There have existed mighty empires, save in the East, the cradle of all religions, the birthplace of all metaphysics.”
_Napoleon Bonaparte

DSC_0148 edit 2b

DSC_0277 edit 222b

Untitled_Panorama1111fix b

A couple of photos below from my first visits to Dogtown Dance Theatre a couple of years back.

K cloud 2 edit city b

dtpano edit 2b


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