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bee happy #3

DSC_0640 edit 2b

I always try to make software do what it shouldn’t be able when I learn new Technics. Crash the program a lot and there is rebooting galore but some gems appear with of course too much color. It’s the same bee in flight from about a foot in a half, 4 different pictures in focus with a 200mm completely manual lens. The second photo I just merged 2 photos.

DSC_0640 edit 333b

Interesting show in D.C. regarding photography, a fleeting moment from driving through the mall recently.

DSC_0038fakingit b

Panorama 1arcsoft

I briefly had time this morning to run the 4 pictures through the arcsoft panorama software that comes with any Nikon these days. I tell people you can panorama anything and encourage it. This post is for my colleague that wonders what is real in my photos, chuckle! All the flaws I’d normally tweaked are left, these are really raw rough-cuts. The bee is real! In flight and not harmed in any way.

Panorama 1arcsoft finalcut b

This would be the final rough cut. (still not right will fix tomorrow)

DSC_0702crow b

and what’s a day with out a crow siting, got some Eagles on the Chickahominy river also.

DSC_0687 edit eagle dream b


One response

  1. Last years try with a 55mm, the newer lenses are harder to self focus or maybe it’s the zoom one I have?

    April 17, 2013 at 6:04 pm

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