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Swannanoa: Afton Mountain

Swannanoa_ Afton Mountain

A reworked photo from late August 2011. Below is panorama by my wife at same time.

altheauntitled_panorama_Swannanoa Afton Mountain

The name ‘Swannanoa’ comes from the Cherokee word Suwo Ii nunno hi, which means ‘a trail or path leading to and through the land of Suala, Sara, or Cheraw: residing about the headwaters of the Broad River. Other accounts have the name originating from the Cherokee meaning of’beautiful river.’

Upper Mattaponi 26th Annual Pow-Wow

DSCN1630 edit b

It was a privilege to be able to attend the Upper Mattaponi 26th Annual Pow-Wow today.


This is the second real pow-wow I have ever attended : https://o3bigpicture.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/autumnal-equinox-pow-wow/

DSCN1505 b

mystery photographer mattoponi b

DSC_0011 edit b

DSC_0212 edit 2b

DSC_0136 edit 2b

DSC_0266 fix b

DSC_0115 edit 2b

mystery photographer mattoponi brother b

Bird in Space (for Juan)

Panorama bird in space 2013

For Juan, that is doing well in VCU Burn Center tonight on this full moon. “Bird in Space” was one of my favorite sculptures by Constantin Brancusi a major influence. This is the longest bird in flight panorama’s to date, done by accident. I was just snapping away.

DSCN1937 b

Juan isn’t out of the woods yet on his recovery but was lucky enough today (30th of May) to get this lighthearted photo of him fighting back.

digital traces


“Beware, your imagination leaves digital traces”
_Bruno Latour, Sciences-Po, Paris

The all-seeing eye atop a pyramid was taken from the reverse side of the Great Seal of the U.S., designed in 1782 by William Barton and Charles Thomson (neither of them Masons). “These symbols go back several thousand years ago to the Greeks and Romans. That’s where [the designers] drew all of their inspiration,” Hieronimus says, adding that it wasn’t until 30 years later that the Freemasons incorporated this symbol into their practice—on the white aprons worn during ceremonies.

H. L. Mencken words describe my view on the direction the internet may be heading : “It is, perhaps, a fact provocative of sour mirth that the Bill of Rights was designed trustfully to prohibit forever two of the favorite crimes of all known governments: the seizure of private property without adequate compensation and the invasion of the citizen’s liberty without justifiable cause…It is a fact provocative of mirth yet more sour that the execution of these prohibitions was put into the hands of courts, which is to say, into the hands of lawyers, which is to say, into the hands of men specifically educated to discover legal excuses for dishonest, dishonorable and anti-social acts.”

______ H. L. Mencken, Prejudices: A Selection, pp. 180-82


All government, of course, is against liberty.
H. L. Mencken

p.s. All this photo is, was a dollar on top of my jeans while waiting for my wife at the Dairy Queen and an over-lay of the first dragonfly photographed of the season.

mystery photographer safe 2b

This Spring has been chasing crows and a renewed passion for the Shenandoah National Park. A friends daughter last week made it to up top of Old Rag Mountain and said there were a slew of ravens.

Panorama 4 edit fix b

Panorama 11 edit b

Panorama 29 edit b
last photo s4200

Panorama 3 edit 2c

I’ve got a lot of hits & misses this spring, it’s not easy when through the years the eyesight has been reduced to Mr. Magoo and the using of antique equipment.

a night of Burlesque

DSCN1205 Dev L Ish edit b

A hour before showtime I arrived home from the 7/11 to watch a DVD with my wife before SNL. She informed me that a dancer friend had asked if I could fill in for a missing videographer at some event at Gallery5. Briefly looked up what it was, and really isn’t my thing, but I’ve been working on being less cranky of an older person. Years ago a group of old married friends and I would go out every Ground Hogs Day to see the local strippers, this faded, and I prefer nude sculptures in museums and public art. Not to seem too square, the “Bliss Dance” sculpture at Burning Man a few years back really knocked my socks off!

I managed one photograph during the filming (above) of Dev L Ish and a piece in the gallery that I really liked but am clueless by who? A film is pending……

Hot Todd Lincoln Presents and Those Freaking Weirdos: “Knockouts: the DC/RVA Tassel Tussle!”
The sassiest and sexiest talents from our national’s capital and some home-grown honeys are ready to go tet-a-tet for you in eight rounds of burlesquey bliss.

Hosted by Hot Todd Lincoln and Dev L Ish.

Kittening by Siren Sivette and Dante the Inferno.

Learn more at TFWBurlesque.com

“Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects. The word derives from the Italian burlesco, which itself derives from the Italian burla – a joke, ridicule or mockery.”

Happy Lucky (combo)

DSCN1155 b

Got my lotto ticket for tonight after visiting a grove of clover, half billion should be just fine!

Photographs of Happy Lucky Combo below, more of trying to force a snapshot camera be MORE.

mystery photographer nyd hlc b

mystery photographer nyd hlc edit 2b

mystery photographer nyd hlc edit 3b

mystery photographer nyd hlc edit 4b

Sodium-vapor lamp (crime light)

DSCN0831 edit b

Studies prove that this lighting is BS regarding crime and is a horrid light pollution that I despise!

DSCN0838 edit b

DSCN0844 edit b


DSCN0620 edit 2b

In trying to find a use for my new nikon s4200 (pocket camera) that does decent HD video with good sound, but truly horrid photographs. I’ve turned the color off and have found I’m getting photos similar to my old film days. There is hope, and each year I try to shoot some black & white. Now I have no choice, this may be an interesting direction.

“Tri-X panchromatic film was once one of the most popular films used by photojournalists and many amateurs. It was manufactured by Eastman Kodak in the US, Kodak Canada, and Kodak Ltd in the UK. Kodak data-sheets once recommended different processing times depending on where the film was manufactured. Its sales declined in the 1970s and 1980s due to the falling price and increasing popularity of colour film. Since the advent of digital photography, Tri-X has all but fallen out of use in newspaper journalism, though it remains popular in documentary journalism.”

mystery photographer casa barco b

DSCN0692 b

DSCN0700 b

mystery photographer ozark 22 b


DSC_0019 edit b

Red Tail In The Pines

DSC_0725 edit 22bb

This was on our urban street.

DSC_0779edit fix b

Dark Hollow Falls

mystery photographer darkhollowfalls 2b

Panorama 31 edit b
above taken with the new snapshot camera (s4200).

dhf pano edit b

Panorama 16 edit b

Panorama 17 edit b

Panorama 3 bigmeadowslookingwest b

Panorama 7 bigmeadowcrows b