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RVA Fashion Week

DSCN0261 edit b

RVA Fashion Week has come and gone and this photo isn’t from it but the best picture I took last week that I got with a new camera to help film “Assignment Runway Fashion Show” for Shannon McCallister at John Tyler Community College, May 4, 2013. The Nikon S4200 did great for a backup filming the show in HD and with 16mp you would think it would take pictures like a 8×10 format camera. Think again, why Nikon has to put crappy sensors in a camera in 2012 I find baffling and really disappointing. I was really looking forward to having a decent pocket camera.


I’ll be posting the film here when Shannon uploads it, below is a photograph I got of one of the models with my good Nikon still camera.

DSC_0202 edit 22222


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