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Déjà vu

DSC_0856 edit 2b

This is the way I shot and printed in the darkroom between 1971 to 76. I had a old beaten up Nikon that half worked right and a passion to create. It’s hard to keep up with the technology today, let alone the cost, so I find myself again shooting all manual with a fixed 200mm lens not made for low light. BIG Thanks for letting me photograph period! I told Khalima to find a photographer with a full sensor camera to shoot in the light for the student show this year. These women deserve better than I’m able to shoot these days. When I was young you would be lucky if you saw a belly dancer at a food festival which was rare. Dogtown Dance is a treasure!

DSC_0444 edit b

DSC_0643 edit 22b

DSC_0457 edit b

DSC_0096 edit b

DSC_0278 edit b

DSC_0497 edit b

DSC_0198 edit b

DSC_0578 edit b

DSC_0542 edit b

DSC_0485 edit b

DSC_0109 edit b


Student show 2013




DSC_0340 edit 2b

DSC_0818 edit 2b

DSC_0820 edit 2b

DSC_0944 edit 22 b

mystery photographer crane baby 2b

mystery photographer crane mom 2b

white solstice

DSC_0038 edit 222b

I’ve been in a rut but today’s sites snapped me out of it somewhat from a sea of bad vibes.

DSC_0281 edit b

DSC_0022 edit b


DSCN2632 edit b

DSCN2647 edit b


DSC_0039 edit 22 b

DSC_0738 E222b


mystery photographer crane b


mystery photographer crane 2

Rocketts Landing #6

DSCN2406 edit b


DSCN2407 edit b

Hard to photograph

mystery photographer mimosa b

The two hardest things I’ve found to photograph are a mimosa in bloom and a crow, period. Having a bout with carpal-tunnel syndrome hasn’t helped either.

DSC_0457 edit 222b

DSC_0387 edit 2b




mystery photographer digital mess b

DSC_0847 edit b

Armagedōn (local weather front)

DSCN2359 edit 3b

Local network weather, report each storm front as if it’s Armagedōn.


DSCN2353 Marías Cookies

“In 1875, the Grand Duchess María of Russia married the Duke of Edinburgh in a festive wedding, which caught Europe’s fancy. To celebrate the occasion, a small English bakery in England created a sweet new cookie with Maria stamped on the top. Its popularity spread throughout Europe. Most of all, in Spain it became the nation’s favorite cookie — 40% of all cookies sold in the country.

Marías were first produced in large quantities in Spain around the turn of the 20th Century, but it was not until the Civil War that they became an integral part of the national culture. The long harsh years of the war plunged Spain deep into poverty, turning even a simple loaf of bread into a luxury. When the war ended in 1939, the nation’s top priority was for every Spaniard to have enough bread. The wheat harvests were so plentiful that the bakers turned out huge number of cartons of Marías to consume the surplus. In those days, every café had a plate of Marías on the counter — a happy sign of Spain’s recovery.”


A cheerful find from the Dollar Store this month.

Stormy Monday

DSCN2237 edit 2b

DSCN2239 edit 2b

DSCN2243 edit 2b

I’ve been documenting the cell tower weather stations with my snapshot camera as I have been driving lately.

DSCN1958edit b

Black Bird #2

DSCN2091 edit 2b

I’ve seen the biggest Crows the past couple of days, mostly going for trash on street. I look at them sideways or they hear my camera shutter and bye-bye another fleeting moment. If they only knew I’d cook to order for them for a portrait. Somebody left the trash bin open out back at the Mall yesterday and I never seen so many different types of black birds in and around it.

DSC_0984 edit 22 b

DSCN2091 22b

snapshot camera photos below :

DSCN2112 b

DSCN2039 b

DSCN2091 edit 3b
Our tiny wild rose that blooms once a season…


Cicadas & etc.

DSC_0772 edit b

DSCN2022 edit b

DSC_0555 edit 22b

DSCN1946 b

DSCN1999 b

DSC_0738 edit b

DSC_0612 edit b

1pano q edit b

DSCN1752 edit b