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2nd Street Festival RVA

2d STREET festival pano b

I was introduced to 2nd Street as the Deuce back in the 70’s :

pano edit 2b

DSC_0073 edit b

Morris Day and the Time were for standing room only, this sound stage is the best in Richmond in my opinion.

DSC_0186 edit b

DSC_0223 edit TM

It’s no secret I’m allergic to politics but these fellows are usually very charming when not being badgered. Very impressive that our probably future Governor was in the thick of it with this massive crowd for Morris Day.

DSC_0045 edit b

DSC_0391 edit b

DSC_0403 b

DSC_0410 edit b

The icing on the cake was getting a print of the “Freedom Riders” from the artist himself : http://www.kolongiart.com/

[Kolongi emigrated from Barbados with a single purpose to establish himself as an international artist, with the chief focus on original artwork and prints. Kolongi’s art work emphasizes the compelling heritage and culture of the African American experience. Kolongi’s interest in art started at an early age. At eight years of age he was awarded first prize in a county wide Barbadian competition. Self taught without the benefit of traditional teachers, he has forged his own style for which he continues to receive international recognition.

The diverse subject matter of Kolongi’s work includes Family, Culture, Spirituality and the Black Experience. Kolongi uses oils, on canvas to convey his messages. Kolongi’s motivation is to project positive images. In this way he contributes to the education of all people about the greatness of the African Culture. His motto is “make wise use of your time”. – See more at: http://www.itsablackthang.com/Kolongi-art-work.html#sthash.Yd0szEBG.dpuf%5D


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