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InLight Richmond

inlightpano 2011

Mild interest in this, it is always welcomed to be surprised though.

Brian Davis, Woodbridge, VA
Sightline (2011), 2011, 2-channel projection

Bodies of water form a natural boundary between sides. This divide is one that is ripe with both personal and cultural implications. In a city such as Richmond, and at a site so closely associated with American history, these implications can only be magnified. Sightline (2011) places two eyes opposite each other across the Haxall Canal. Taken from video of an actual conversation, the play of the gazes and the resulting light-bridge evokes a possibility of connection across both physical and conceptual boundaries.



Juan Salinas, November 2012

Last year I missed “inLight” to see TLOKE NAHUAKE Traditional Aztec Fire Dancers a family dance circle from Mexico City, Mexico, that were performing at the 17th Street Farmers Market.
This year my “inlight” experience centered around our wood stove and getting warm. Look forward to others photographs of tonights installations.

I love the song of the mockingbird,
Bird of four hundred voices,
I love the color of the jadestone
And the intoxicating scent of flowers,
But more than all I love my brother, man.

—Netzahualcoyotl, lord of Texcoco


DSC_0560 edit 3b

I had been meaning to do this before a hard freeze so in the “inLight” spirit I did my own installation with our Basjoo Banana Plant’s that have reached over 20 ft. this season.

DSC_0563 edit 3b

earlier in the day on Saturday below.

1 pano edit btr


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