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fini (redux)

DSC_0064 edit manchester canal bridge

My favorite bridge in town (14th Street, Mayo’s Bridge) that parallels the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris on many levels. The first is a smaller bridge over the Manchester Canal.

mystery photographer mayo bridge b

DSC_0057 edit mayo b



Panorama 2 edit 2222b

Little River with Crow at Dawn.

Panorama 3 CAVE home b

The highest elevation of Hanover County where my friends have finished restoring their house again. Clapboard houses are a constant repair project. This beauty reminds me of my grand folks house in Mineral Virginia.

DSC_0318 edit townsend

Detail of an early 19th century oil portrait (private collection) framed by water from a pool.

The Sun Stands Still

DSC_0222 edit 2X b

On the Eve of the Solstice I was privileged to a bevy of wildlife.


parlor tricks

DSC_0152 edit 222 fudge

“A parlor trick is a simple magic trick intended to be performed with few props for a small audience.”
This is a rough cut of my favorite encounter with a Blue Heron this year and had planned to match up with the perfect cloud for a post on the winter solstice my favorite part of the year when the light begins to return for longer days.


mystery photographer Frank at NEST fix 2b

Frank Heller is promoting some wonderful artist at the NEST : https://o3bigpicture.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/not-much-of-a-plumber/

mystery photographer trumpetvine b

Trumpet Vine by Melissa Burgess
Wonderful paintings currently at : https://www.facebook.com/RVANest

Althea my wife wants to see this also and will look forward to viewing again!