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DSC_0041 nuthatch 4b

At dawn outside our kitchen window in 10 degree weather, not enjoyable for us southerners.

DSC_0051 edit 22b

The next day I had a crow encounter which are about as easy as getting a sasquatch photograph

DSC_0100 edit 22b



DSC_0845 edit 2b

Pishing is a technique birders use in the field to attract small birds in order to get a better view to identify them.


I have my own technique I’ve been using that sounds like a bird chirping but with this new found information I was successful my first try. I’m not sure what bird (mockingbird) this is and also attracted my neighbors cats that seemed to know what I was up to, LOL! Cats have a chatter of their own when bird watching that is curious.

DSC_0838 edit 2b

Below is my take on life on Park Avenue.

DSCN4126 edit 22b

The next day January 20th I tried their technique and succeeded with the chickadees. Left over King Cake for my friends and will stop by and pick up more suet today.

DSC_0868 edit b

DSC_0873 edit 2b

Blue MIRA fleeting moments

DSC_0749 m edit 222 b
right side of bridge

DSC_0751 m edit 222 b
left side of bridge

polar vortex mira series

DSC_0678 edit 2b

I can remember when these cold fronts were normal cycles of winter unnamed. It reminds me of a Mencken quote : The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
H. L. Mencken

This year and as of late I have been uninspired and really trying hard to be less cranky. Pondering on quitting photography which I have done before. Thanks to a friend that does MIRA prints I have done a couple. This process is great therapy and has seemed to help.

Also a couple of short films for the start of the year posted in the comments.

DSC_0684 edit 2b

DSC_0684 edit 33b

DSC_0684 edit 3b

Día de Los Reyes

I was honored to be one of the Kings with James Holland and David James at La Milpa, photos pending……………..

DSC_0658 3Kings b

David, James, and O3 selfie.

DSC_0705 edit b

We met a very good natured photographer, H. Quintana, who took our photos for “HORIZONTES” : http://www.ncquencevideo.com/