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Pishing is a technique birders use in the field to attract small birds in order to get a better view to identify them.


I have my own technique I’ve been using that sounds like a bird chirping but with this new found information I was successful my first try. I’m not sure what bird (mockingbird) this is and also attracted my neighbors cats that seemed to know what I was up to, LOL! Cats have a chatter of their own when bird watching that is curious.

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Below is my take on life on Park Avenue.

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The next day January 20th I tried their technique and succeeded with the chickadees. Left over King Cake for my friends and will stop by and pick up more suet today.

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DSC_0873 edit 2b


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  1. Because pishing or squeaking disrupts the natural behaviour of a bird, birding organisations consider it unethical to make excessive use of this method of attracting birds. Such organisations recommend that, once the bird has been viewed, the birder cease pishing and allow the bird to return to its natural behaviour.

    January 19, 2014 at 8:52 pm

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