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RVA Panosphere

RVA Panosphere 2014

A Rough-Cut of a parlor trick I’d been wanting to learn, will refine this down the line.

Panorama 6 edit og b

og pano b

Two more rough-cuts done Friday evening to remember the process.


Frozen Dreams

DSCN6053 edit b

DSCN6056 edit b

Two more from the following morning below.

DSCN6122 edit b

DSCN6129 edit b

RVA Ball Park below.

DSC_0154 edit 22b

old school

DSC_0564 edit 33b

I get a chuckle when I hear young people (strangers) regard me as “old school” in passing on the street. The last month I have felt a bit of tunnel vision from shooting with a SOLIGAR AUTO ZOOM 70-222mm F:3.5 (circa 1979). These older lens you have to shoot totally manual on the digital cameras and to say the least a challenge. It doesn’t seem to be as sharp as the nikon 200mm I’ve been using the past year but it does have a quality that makes the image as if it’s film rather than digital. These are more test shots and hopefully next week I’ll find out how good it will perform on a event……… Below is my wife’s favorite bird the “Thrasher”

DSC_0264 e222eb

BINGO : After only having this lens less than 20 days I’m in the zone, photos below

DSC_0276 edit b

DSC_0156 edit b

DSC_0088 edit b

DSC_0017 downy woodpecker b

Blue Cat

DSC_0417 e2b

The biggest freshwater fish registered in Virginia at the time, 109-pound blue catfish. The fish, caught by Tony Milam in March 2011 at Buggs Island Lake now at the Bass Pro Shops Aquarium, Ashland VA.

Still testing my vintage telephoto-zoom lens for sharpness. Very low light but beautiful Aquarium!

Déjà vu #2

DSC_0030 edit

A photo I took late winter a year ago that I think often of, taken in color but looks Black & white. My first trip to the Shenandoah National Park after over two decades. My passion to photograph the Ravens around Skyland and Hawksbill peak.

river city swirl

Panorama 18 edit CROW 3

Result of a snowbound evening, maybe………

Panorama 18 edit 22 sw test fix b

Next day during the Thunder snow while testing new lens in low light.

DSC_0122 ee twirl b

DSC_0122 ee b


DSC_0096 edit 2b

For whatever reason I am currently a buddy with a Mockingbird. My wife changed the suet from high-energy to peanut that sort of spooked the woodpeckers and chickadees away. I picked up a vintage telephoto zoom with a wide aperture from the 70’s which is incredible but have to use totally manual and am learning exposure time in different situations. I can’t wait to use on my dancer friends, birds, etc……..

Below are more pictures from my afternoon on the Lee Bridge.

Panorama 9 edit 1b

DSC_0805 edit b

River City (RVA)

Panorama 18 edit 22b

Inspired by Dave Parrish, executed with Charles Sugg. 22 panoramas shot today, more pending perhaps………..

Panorama 12 ee fix b

DSC_0820 edit 22b

Light painting with Bass

DSC_0526 5fb

This series originally started out to be light painting with a still life of a mounted bass I caught back in the 80’s and my favorite spinning reel.

DSC_0527 edit 222 fix b

DSC_0527 edit 22222 db

Designed in 1938 by Peugeot engineer Meulnart, the Mepps Aglia was imported from France into North America after World War II and still remains a popular spinner here. The MEPPS acronym stands for “Manufacture d’Engins de Précision pour la Pêche Sportive” (The Manufacture of Precision Tackle for Sportfishing).

DSCN5922 edit b


DSC_0462 edit b

Bientôt nous plongerons dans les froides ténèbres;
Adieu, vive clarté de nos étés trop courts!
Soon we will plunge into the cold darkness;
Farewell, vivid brightness of our too-short summers!
“Chant d’Automne” [Song of Autumn]
_Charles Baudelaire

mystery photographer kinglet 2014 c

DSC_0494 edit final b