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The Urban Individualists

DSC_0154 e2222b

“Artists, Poets, Praise Dancers & Dramatic Readers ARE All Welcome To Reverence Our Ancestors with the Future FOR OUR CHILDREN.
We will demonstrate our talents to call attention to the historical significance of this sacred land.
Event will be in the parking lot located by the slave burial grounds and Lumpkins slave jail in historical shockoe bottom/Richmond VA”

DSC_0089 edit 222 b

DSC_0021 edit 2b

DSC_0109 e2b

My first visit to this sacred land last year and panorama I took below.


the last chickadee

DSC_0354 lc 3b

As the leaves come out I hear the chickadee’s more than seeing them.

DSC_0575 eb

Chinese maple bud

DSC_0786 eb

Cold Sun

DSC_0276 e22b

Another frigging cold front! I was trying to ignore and photograph buds but ended up with this photograph and starting yet another fire in the wood stove.

MACRO buds

DSC_0138 eb

DSC_0150 eb

DSC_0192 eeb

DSC_0193 eb

DSC_0199 eeb

almost #2

DSC_0058 e22b

DSC_0096 e222b

DSC_0087 eb


DSC_0142 edit 222 rt b

almost Spring

almost took photograph I wanted of a Hawk

almost won Power Ball

the Cellist

DSCN1868 edit 2014 b

2014 version of a print I did in 2010 of pictures I took in 2008 on the summer solstice with a Nikon L6.



2010 print

Chasing Crows

chasing crow b

After photographing the Rookery at dawn this morning and missing some beautiful shots I’ve decided to put my bird chasing on hold. The limitations of what I can do with my vintage equipment has been frustrating but hope to get out with the auto lens for a evening landscape for a cure.

DSC_0801 edit b


DSC_0867 edit b


Panorama 4 waxing b

Today I thought it said “waxing gibbous moon”, turns out it’s full tonight and tomorrow night. We have a ritual that I like, we go for a fish taco at Alamo Barbecue and I take a night city landscape. Tonight we got a Barbecue Taco which was judged by the best food critic in town, my wife. BEST RVA Barbecue, Period!

Daytime view below :

Panorama 18 edit 22b


Panorama 1 waxing 2b

The edge of Vulcan

DSCN6248 edit b

We caught the edge of Winter Storm Vulcan with mostly wind and a day of cold. Be gone soon hopefully.

DSCN6269 edit 2b

Both pictures above taken with snapshot camera. I’ve been photographing a lot of birds still but none that have made the cut. I’ve grown really fond of our mockingbird that hangs out with me outside of our home.

DSC_0298 edit b

Source and Spirit

DSC_0320 edit b

Live Music and Bellydance at Dogtown Dance Theatre, March 8th, 2014.

DSC_0691 b

DSC_0224 edit b

DSC_0010 edit b

DSC_0245 edit b

DSC_0477 edit 3b

DSC_0493 chudney e 2222 b

DSC_0026 edit b

DSC_0803 edit b

DSC_0812 edit b

Panorama dtk 2b

DSC_0656 edit b

DSC_0614 edit 2b

DSC_0684 e2 b

DSC_0710 edit 3b

DSC_0036 edit b

DSC_0838 edit b

DSC_0287 b

I’m always ridden with guilt after shooting these events regarding women’s feelings. If I didn’t get a good picture of any it wasn’t from not trying. Getting good photos is like a batting average your not going to hit a home run often. I have a lot of handi-caps that don’t help, 60 year old eye site close to Mr.Magoo and worse in low light. I was shooting with a telephoto zoom lens from the 70’s which requires self focusing, guessing at the lighting and constant adjustments. I may have a few more but this basically what I got from 1293 photos shot. A very special evening and a Big Thanks for including me!

DSC_0046 edit b

The first act consisting of 10 performance’s they had the chairs,music stands and mikes for the live musicians sitting on stage empty that would be with dancers in 2nd act. My fusion was to try to de-emphasize these objects. Wouldn’t be fun if it was easy, Hehhh. Would also like to mention this one of the best lighting productions I’ve been witness to at Dog Town Theatre for photographers and my flaws for not doing better.
I really want to start using Light Room and do more tradition stuff. I know I tend to go over board with Photoshop trying to fix the image by fudging the mistakes of a just ok camera. My camera will shoot great in low light at the lower ISO’s but to capture movement it is dreadful when I push it past 800. I’m at the point in my life everything seems to be broken or out of date and having trouble replacing.

These are all rough-cuts as usual.

DSC_0888 edit b