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The New World



“No place so strong, so pleasant and delightful in Virginia for which we called it Non-such.” — John Smith describing Powhatan, later the site of Richmond.

woodenships 4



rain delay

DSC_0557 edit 22 b

We have lived across from a way station for maintenance and construction contractors for about five years (out of 20) now and in that time the City has had little concern in maintaining the street or picking up the leaves. At least I have access to photographing our lakefront property currently.

DSC_0563 edit 22b


snapshots #2

DSCN6694 b

DSCN6712 edit b

Our cut back Carolina Jasmine that did poorly from extreme winter and a decoy crow that was a Christmas present from an old friend aware of my past year’s attempt to photograph.

Incandescence snapshots

DSCN6600 edit 22b


DSCN6577 edit 2b


DSCN6444 e222b

DSCN6380 2b

DSCN6388 eb

miniature neptune reproduction

DSC_0614 e2222b

A friend at the beach got me this miniature Neptune reproduction that was sold at the HERITAGE NATURAL MARKET of the DiPasquale original. Paul had mentioned it was done by a Chinese artist?

“Gone to the Birds”

pano gwb 222b

This was where Purple Martins swarm down into the Bradford Pear trees next to the 17th Street Farmers’ Market. Typically in July and August, crowds gather at dusk to watch 20,000 to 30,000 of the birds swoop into their trees. This year, however, the birds have not returned. A few fly by on some nights before moving on.


DSC_0293 e2b


the red violins

DSC_0513 e22b

DSC_0508 eb

soap & steel

DSC_0133 edit b

DSC_0077 edit b

DSC_0115 edit b


Where Ravens flew #2

Panorama 18 edit 22 raven b