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Corneille d’Amérique

DSC_0360 e22b

This morning I was on the pipeline and the river was close to normal after a raging spring. A groundhog was beside my car as I was leaving and later as I was sitting beside our fire pit a blue heron flew over at tree top height. Nice end to May!


DSC_0324 edit b

Inspiration Point

DSCN6929 eb

Inspiration Point (E.N.E.) through Yosemite Valley – showing Bridal Veil Falls, El Capitan, Sentinel and Half Dome – California.

DSC_0583 eb

Skyland is my favorite place in the state of Virginia.

I made a trip to Whiting’s Old Paper in search of images I find interesting and to get my scanner up and running on our new computer. No drivers for Windows 7 to work a wonderful old scanner. Americans should be ashamed that nothing is made to last including our architecture. We live in a throw away world for the most part. Guess I’m just living in the past, which I’ve been often told.

DSCN6012 b

DSC_0571 eb

DSCN5995 eb

DSC_0562 b

A postcard Paul DiPasquale sent me from Paris December 2012 of Le pont des Arts, Paris
by Bruno DE HOGUES

DSCN6071 eb

These were all copied with 3 different Nikons in my collection.


DSCN6911 eb

If you have the skill of a jeweler you won’t have a problem with this Authentic Museum Quality Laser Cut Replica. My friend in Hanover Co. had cut the bush (Elaeagnus) and burned the stump where I could get macro shots last season (WTF?) The clothes line is the best bet this year or for me this robot sculpture.

DSCN6861 eb

Space Is The Place

DSC_0493 e3b

Some how I found my self in Space today, very pleasant!

DSC_0496 b

League of Space Pirates : LIVE FROM SPACE
On December 21 League of Space Pirates began broadcasting Live From Space via a direct feed from their tourship Detritus to your monitors!


DSC_0481 eb


DSC_0177 edit Therapy b

I usually try to catch birds in flight, but today, something different (MIRA series).

DSC_0371 eb

DSC_0100 e3b

Sphere and Black River

DSC_0948 edit spere b


DSC_0918 e33b


DSCN8059 black river b

sampson co 444444b

Sampson County near the Black River.


Waxing Gibbous #3

DSC_0205 edit 22fb

DSC_0841 edit 22b

Hunting Dragons

DSC_0230 e22b

A series by the fire-pit this past weekend, hopefully dragons pending?

DSC_0259 edit 222 b

DSC_0224 edit 222 fb

DSC_0207 edit 222b

urban sunset

DSC_0842 edit 2b

DSC_0840 eb

DSC_0817 e2b

Hope to redo these in LR soon. Chickahominy River photos below.

DSC_0808 e2DSC_0802 ebPanorama 4 chick bDSC_0703 chick b


the postcard

1s01690u where ravens flew post card print size