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Inspiration Point

DSCN6929 eb

Inspiration Point (E.N.E.) through Yosemite Valley – showing Bridal Veil Falls, El Capitan, Sentinel and Half Dome – California.

DSC_0583 eb

Skyland is my favorite place in the state of Virginia.

I made a trip to Whiting’s Old Paper in search of images I find interesting and to get my scanner up and running on our new computer. No drivers for Windows 7 to work a wonderful old scanner. Americans should be ashamed that nothing is made to last including our architecture. We live in a throw away world for the most part. Guess I’m just living in the past, which I’ve been often told.

DSCN6012 b

DSC_0571 eb

DSCN5995 eb

DSC_0562 b

A postcard Paul DiPasquale sent me from Paris December 2012 of Le pont des Arts, Paris
by Bruno DE HOGUES

DSCN6071 eb

These were all copied with 3 different Nikons in my collection.


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