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Land of Algonquians

Untitled_Panorama 222b
Union Hill overlooking Shockoe.

Church Hill overlooking Shockoe.

DSC_0195 e2b

I mistakenly drove to King William County thinking for some reason the pow-wow was there this weekend. I’ve been told recently to quit pretending to be Mr. Magoo! I’ve been trying! chuckle………

DSC_0184 eb

DSC_0214 eb

DSC_0190 e2b

DSC_0239 eb

POW WOW photos from Osborne Park below.

DSC_0354 edit 2222 b

DSC_0312 edit b

DSC_0430 edit 2222b

DSC_0416 e2222 b

DSC_0400 e222 b

DSC_0229 mat edit b

DSC_0517 edit 22 b



DSC_0310 e2b


This man is a wealth of knowledge.


DSC_0494 edit 2b


Oregon Hill Mural

pano 2 2 edit final fix b

I went out to go two places early morning, Ekundayo’s Mural and the pipeline.

DSC_0721 eb


DSC_0845 eb

DSC_0907 e3b

“Media Frenzy” : Wes21 and Onur

DSC_0944 eb

DSC_0987 eb

DSC_0063 e3b

DSC_0066 e2b

DSC_0077 eb

DSC_0962 eb


DSC_0541 edit b

Taken Friday the 13th at the LOVEBOMB. When I have time this will be my first true test in correcting noise from pushing my camera to the highest ISO on my vintage camera with Adobe Lightroom which I’m still learning.

DSC_0562 e2b

This is my usual fix in the past for image noise (Parlor tricks). Not Khalima! the photograph………..

DSC_0252 e2b

On the 13th morning I caught the mated hawks feeding again. I try not to display much of the gore but am witness and photographing it too.

DSC_0196 e2b

A un-published dragonfly macro from last summer.


DSC_0146 master 333 b

“a jayhawk is a fictional bird based on non-fictional occurences. jayhawkers were kansan’s during the civil war who would go to missouri and steal back slaves for their freedom. this resulted in much blood shed and the eventual burning down of the city of Lawrence.”


DSC_0067 portrait b

This past weekend I felt I had lost all my friends, that my cat had eaten them all. Our local birds were still flying down for peanuts and the Carolina Wren hopped up and looked in the backdoor for us. Even witness to a chickadee in bird bath which was amusing. The young birds are buried with sorrow under our already 10 feet tall banana trees. Our backyard has always been treated as a national park and looks to be. The chance to take a portrait of a mature hawk really made my day even though it was the result of a squirrel for dinner. These are rough-cuts, hope to have time to refine many photographs as I learn Lightroom!

more pending………….

forgotten monster

DSC_0218 forgotten monster b

About five years ago when photographing the fall line of the Little River my friend pointed out this old tree, which hope to identify soon.


little river fall line 2009 2014 lR edit b

This was taken the year before and took over night to process, one of my favorite snap shot, mega shot, panos. This is redone in Adobe Lightroom which I hope to get better with!

Fall line Little River 2014 edit b

Great Dismal Swamp

lake drummond pano 333b

Upon our return to civilization our friend John Moser read aloud Thomas Moore’s ballad : Irish poet Thomas Moore visited the swamp in 1803, before the drainage canal into Chesapeake Bay was completed. He wrote his poem, “A Ballad – The Lake of Dismal Swamp,” the best known of the Great Dismal Swamp folk legends, spreading this local tale throughout the English-speaking world. The ghost ballad sparked a tourist boom to the area in the early nineteenth century. Lake Drummond, a moss-green tarn that lies in the very center of the swamp, was the setting for this ballad.

lakedrummondpano 2b

A Ballad: The Lake of the Dismal Swamp
Written at Norfolk, in Virginia

“They made her a grave, too cold and damp
For a soul so warm and true;
And she’s gone to the Lake of the Dismal Swamp,
Where, all night long, by a fire-fly lamp,
She paddles her white canoe.

“And her fire-fly lamp I soon shall see,
And her paddle I soon shall hear;
Long and loving our life shall be,
And I’ll hide the maid in a cypress tree,
When the footstep of death is near.”

Away to the Dismal Swamp he speeds—
His path was rugged and sore,
Through tangled juniper, beds of reeds,
Through many a fen where the serpent feeds,
And man never trod before.

And when on the earth he sunk to sleep,
If slumber his eyelids knew,
He lay where the deadly vine doth weep
Its venomous tear and nightly steep
The flesh with blistering dew!

And near him the she-wolf stirr’d the brake,
And the copper-snake breath’d in his ear,
Till he starting cried, from his dream awake,
“Oh! when shall I see the dusky Lake,
And the white canoe of my dear?”

He saw the Lake, and a meteor bright
Quick over its surface play’d—
“Welcome,” he said, “my dear one’s light!”
And the dim shore echoed for many a night
The name of the death-cold maid.

Till he hollow’d a boat of the birchen bark,
Which carried him off from shore;
Far, far he follow’d the meteor spark,
The wind was high and the clouds were dark,
And the boat return’d no more.

But oft, from the Indian hunter’s camp,
This lover and maid so true
Are seen at the hour of midnight damp
To cross the Lake by a fire-fly lamp,
And paddle their white canoe!

LD pano 2b

(In the Great Dismal Swamp) “…the horrible desert, the foul damps ascend without ceasing, corrupt the air and render it unfit for respiration … never was rum – that cordial of life – found more necessary than in this dirty place.”

–Colonel William Byrd

DSC_0496 eeb

“Bald Cypress tree approximately 800 years old. Although the entire Dismal Swamp has been logged, a few old-growth trees like this remain. This tree was topped by lightning and is only about one-half to two-thirds of its original height.” (may have better picture on other camera)


Panorama 800 bald cypress b


DSC_0566 eb

If you stopped moving you were prey for bugs, but spent some time being bit up to get this macro portrait of a dragonfly, which dozens danced around our vehicle the whole trip in swamp.

More pending : of which my friend called the Sasquatch series


DSC_0259 railroad ditch b

This is my “Crossley ID Guide” photo, which the park ranger showed us and recommended as a good reference book.

DSC_0254 e2b

DSC_0312 eb

DSC_0346 GW ditch b

road trip photos below…

DSC_0382 eb

DSC_0393 b

DSC_0033 eb

DSC_0389 eb

“it’s never too late”

DSC_0462 eb

– to make new friends, unfortunately our cat ate a catbird of all things today?

DSC_0633 eb


DSCN7000 edit b

circa 2010, O3 photo, just an idea that hope to execute better. I would have erased the silly title if I was able to scan.