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“a jayhawk is a fictional bird based on non-fictional occurences. jayhawkers were kansan’s during the civil war who would go to missouri and steal back slaves for their freedom. this resulted in much blood shed and the eventual burning down of the city of Lawrence.”


DSC_0067 portrait b

This past weekend I felt I had lost all my friends, that my cat had eaten them all. Our local birds were still flying down for peanuts and the Carolina Wren hopped up and looked in the backdoor for us. Even witness to a chickadee in bird bath which was amusing. The young birds are buried with sorrow under our already 10 feet tall banana trees. Our backyard has always been treated as a national park and looks to be. The chance to take a portrait of a mature hawk really made my day even though it was the result of a squirrel for dinner. These are rough-cuts, hope to have time to refine many photographs as I learn Lightroom!

more pending………….


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