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Bird on a Wire

DSC_0245 e22b

This youngster may not be a red tail hawk? Nice portrait for end of July…………

DSC_0258 edit b

DSC_0321 edit 3b

Below is a shot I got of a Towhee which was the hardest bird I had to warm up to me, but the last few days a nuthatch has shown up. Every bird from the winter I photographed through our kitchen window has arrived except for the Kinglet. The next step would be to hand feed them if I had that desire.

DSC_0093 e2b

“Their song is a short drink your teeeeea lasting around one second, starting with a sharp call (“drink!”) and ending with a short trill “teeeeea”. The name “towhee” is onomatopoeic description of one of the towhee’s most common calls, a short two-part call rising in pitch and sometimes also called a “chewink” call.” I remember their song as a child, we take a lot for granted through the years which is why I’m finding out the true charm of birding.


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