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the Beast

DSC_0132 edit 3b

A nine year old Presa Canario I wish I had spent more time with through the years, this is the second portrait I’ve done.


Shari gypsy fix again 3b

A photo with my Presa Canario friend for a Calendar, October 2011 with Shari : http://sharibellydance.wordpress.com/


Autumnal Equinox

DSCN8300 edit 22b

The light was incredible today and mostly failed to render. The six hawks I watched soaring were too far above, the weeping willow was already captured but shot anyway, had friends watching our backyard birds, so just enjoyed.

Lone Oak #2

Panorama 1 edit 22b

This was the midway point to our grand folks home on route 33 heading toward Mineral. It’s being swallowed up by the urban sprawl. I don’t believe it is known as Lone Oak anymore and if it wasn’t for the graveyard under this tree, this would probably be gone.

Panorama 8 edit b

Panorama 3 edit b


DSC_0930 edit 22b

“Little River” below Woodsons Mill, no Kingfisher today….

DSC_0734 edit 22b

DSC_0760 edit b

Morning Feather

DSCN8178 b

Drinking coffee at dawn under our maple tree this fell as an Autumn leaf.

DSCN8182 edit b
private collection

DSCN8143 edit TR
private collection

DSC_0165 edit b

DSCN8106 edit b

Comic relief, thanks to our constant feeding of birds this season all of the other critters think all is game for them and this what they deemed to share with us. A huge belly laugh, I guess it was worth it?


walleye b (1 of 1)

Geez, I read some surrealist art history and immediately have a wonderful fishing dream that night. I pondered getting out my gear that has set idle since the early eighties and go this morning. I opted for photographing Cookie Lewis handmade walleye from private collection.

DSC_0902 b

Our current outside studio, Aviary, etc.

DSC_0905 edit 2b

16:9 Frida

DSCN8030 test 6b

I was horsing around with my snapshot camera that I love has a 16:9 aspect ratio picture mode. The standard for broadcasting today. A portrait of Frida (named after Frida Kahlo) our cat enjoying a vintage oriental rug that she really, really loves. Not really news worthy but I have high hopes for the future of Amanda our local morning anchor that I documented shooting 16:9 at our 16:9 HDTV.

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.
_Frida Kahlo

“porthole” portrait


Between seventy-five and eighty copies of the original “porthole” portrait of Washington exist, with slight variations. Peale justified the many replicas by claiming that, as the only living painter who had seen Washington, “the reduplication of [my] work, by [my] own hand, should be esteemed the most reliable.”


I have been noticing this in the Oval office while watching “House of Cards”, it’s there in reality! I took this a few years back at the VMFA and layered with an Egyptian relief also at VMFA.


DSCN7824 edit 3b

I’m clueless of how long a friendship with backyard birds will last, the tufted titmouse has been the longest so far as of late.

DSCN7924 edit

Persea americana

DSCN7900 b

DSCN7901 b

DSCN7905 edit b



DSCN7716 E2b

Tristesses de la lune

Ce soir, la lune rêve avec plus de paresse;
Ainsi qu’une beauté, sur de nombreux coussins,
Qui d’une main distraite et légère caresse

Avant de s’endormir le contour de ses seins,
Sur le dos satiné des molles avalanches,
Mourante, elle se livre aux longues pâmoisons,
Et promène ses yeux sur les visions blanches
Qui montent dans l’azur comme des floraisons.

Quand parfois sur ce globe, en sa langueur oisive,
Elle laisse filer une larme furtive,
Un poète pieux, ennemi du sommeil,

Dans le creux de sa main prend cette larme pâle,
Aux reflets irisés comme un fragment d’opale,
Et la met dans son coeur loin des yeux du soleil.

— Charles Baudelaire

DSCN7747 edit b

I caught “Gustave Le Gray” like clouds in this piece tonight and once again a Waxing Gibbous moon. http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/gray/hd_gray.htm

DSCN7754 edit b