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party city

DSCN0628 edit b

Made it to party city for mask and then some great chicken tacos, and not even a big fan of chicken.


in the pines #3

DSC_0022 edit b

DSC_0052 edit 222b

p300 landscape tests below……….

DSCN0525 edit 3b

Panorama 1 edit b

Panorama 5 eb

DSCN0596 edit 3b

DSC_0039 edit 22 b

One of my favorite shots of pipeline from 2013.

DSCN0612 edit 3b

the Sugar Pad

DSCN0385 edit 3b

Saturday Circus at the Sugar Pad
Sat., Oct. 18, 3 p.m.
Outdoor demonstrations and performances by artists and entertainers hosted by Host of Sparrows Aerial Dance Company.

DSC_0281 edit b

These are mostly roughcuts that hope to tweak someday. Shot totally manual with Zoom_NIKKOR 80~200mm 1:4.5 (circa 1969)

DSC_0287 b

DSC_0302 b

DSC_0307 b

DSC_0367 b

DSC_0377 b

DSC_0394 b

DSC_0422 b

DSC_0439 b

DSC_0465 b

DSC_0483 b

DSC_0495 b

DSC_0507 b

DSC_0534 b

DSC_0542 b

DSC_0634 b

DSC_0649 b

DSC_0760 b

DSC_0786 b

DSC_0791 b

DSC_0803 b

DSC_0923 b

DSC_0676 edit 2b

DSCN0392 edit 3b

Tezcatlipoca Voladores (Papantla flyers)

DSC_0117 edit b

I was back for the third time to the Richmond Folk Festival 2014 to witness the Tezcatlipoca Voladores (Papantla flyers) and the first thing I noticed was a lone eagle soaring high above the festival.

The Mayan Sun Dance is performed by five men who scale an 80-foot wooden pole. One man dances and plays the flute on top before the other four, sitting on a square platform, suddenly lunge backwards and spiral to the ground with the support of only a single rope affixed to one leg.

Christopher Columbus witnessed the sun dance in present day Southern Mexico during his fourth voyage in 1502 and is the first European to document the dance.

Instead of Columbus Day, some U.S. cities celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.

DSC_0154 edit b

The Tezcatlipoca Voladores are from Tajín, Veracruz, Mexico, where this tradition is believed to have originated. They are one of the festival favorites returning to celebrate the Richmond Folk Festival’s 10th anniversary.

DSC_0156 edit b

DSC_0157 edit b

DSC_0160 edit b

DSC_0172 edit b

DSC_0086 edit b

Nikon p300 test photos below.

DSCN0030 edit b

DSCN0051 b

Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano

DSCN0069 b

DSCN0118 edit b

DSCN0162 edit b

DSCN0190 edit 2b

The pole was still standing on the 14th to be salvaged on following day.

DSCN0168 edit 2b

DSC_0249 edit b


5 Fires (redux)

DSC_0233 edit 33b

blood moon dreams

DSC_0154 edit 2b

Up at pre-dawn from vivid dreams and took photos from the front porch knowing I wouldn’t be able to view the blood moon from suburbia. It looked like a sunset at the time period of eclipse as I drank a Cup of Joe.

DSC_0156 edit 3b

Lady O

Lady Octavia 00 fb


The last two “Carnival of 5 fires” I’ve been testing different lens, last year photo below. The red, white, and blue circles in pano above is of course a hand in foreground with a cellphone

DSC_0626 edit 22b