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the Sugar Pad

DSCN0385 edit 3b

Saturday Circus at the Sugar Pad
Sat., Oct. 18, 3 p.m.
Outdoor demonstrations and performances by artists and entertainers hosted by Host of Sparrows Aerial Dance Company.

DSC_0281 edit b

These are mostly roughcuts that hope to tweak someday. Shot totally manual with Zoom_NIKKOR 80~200mm 1:4.5 (circa 1969)

DSC_0287 b

DSC_0302 b

DSC_0307 b

DSC_0367 b

DSC_0377 b

DSC_0394 b

DSC_0422 b

DSC_0439 b

DSC_0465 b

DSC_0483 b

DSC_0495 b

DSC_0507 b

DSC_0534 b

DSC_0542 b

DSC_0634 b

DSC_0649 b

DSC_0760 b

DSC_0786 b

DSC_0791 b

DSC_0803 b

DSC_0923 b

DSC_0676 edit 2b

DSCN0392 edit 3b


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