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polar air

DSCN1175 edit b

First time in two decades I’ve documented our maple turning color for fall. Morning, then afternoon after a cord of wood has arrived.

DSCN1259 edit b

Bientôt nous plongerons dans les froides ténèbres;
Adieu, vive clarté de nos étés trop courts!
Soon we will plunge into the cold darkness;
Farewell, vivid brightness of our too-short summers!
“Chant d’Automne” [Song of Autumn]
_Charles Baudelaire

DSC_0272 edit c

DSCN1254 edit b

Wish I had taken better care of our Italian Cypress’s that I got at Walmart of all places twenty years ago.

DSCN0619 edit b

Photos below from next day while working through a stiff lower back.

DSC_0441 edit 2b

DSCN1286 edit b

DSCN1313 edit b

Spruce cones from a spruce tree (live xmas tree years back) we have out back that is only suppose to grow in mountains.

DSC_0455 edit b



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