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New Years Eve 79


I’m unsure why I have been lethargic about New Years through the years, maybe it seemed more about reflection than just raging which seems to be the norm? The day I took this picture of my old friend in Chinatown in New York City was probably one of my more interesting New Years Eve. I remember buying a vintage Ike Jacket on the street beside PEARL PAINT and pondering seeing Dexter Gordon at the Village Vanguard, etc. Headed out of the craziness of the city instead. Pete a wonderful horn player won a Grammy this current year with : http://www.pacificmambo.com/saxophones/


“Oh Thank Heaven” #2

DSCN1945 edit b

The 7-Eleven has been a constant in my life since a boy riding my bike to and still have my Mickey Mantle baseball card purchased there during the 1960’s. Our neighborhood one offers some wonderful sunsets!

Panorama 6 edit 3b

Untitled_Panorama1crop edit b


DSCN1878 edit 2b

“There is only one fruitcake in the entire world,
and people keep sending it to each other.”
Johnny Carson

photo : vintage Hostess Fruitcake tin, circa 1930’s. Althea’s collection, my mom used this tin for sewing supplies, etc.

DSC_0301 eee b

DSCN1889 edit 0b

Old Stone Bridge over Falling Creek, completed in 1826.

DSCN1910 edit 3b

A new friend yet to be named?

DSC_0397 edit 3b

Lasted a day before destroyed by this critter.


DSCN1791 e3b

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

One kind word can warm three winter months.
– Japanese Proverb

DSC_0222 Solstice Eve 2013 b

Really didn’t get a shot like last year but got an interesting bird portrait that will post tomorrow…………

DSC_0237 edit 3b

Once again thankful for the Cosmos return to longer days!

Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance (真、善、忍)

DSC_0271 edit 222b

I was very aware of the full moon the last couple of days but didn’t capture it until 6am this morning.


DSC_0274 fmc

DSC_0283 edit 222b

I last photographed FALUN DAFA at the 2011 parade : http://otway.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/the-parade/

Panorama pano spere fd b

Rough-cut of a MIRA Panosphere.

Panorama 44444fb

DSC_0096 edit fix b

DSC_0063 edit 2edit b

DSC_0035 edit b

DSC_0956 edit b

DSC_0997 edit b

DSC_0253 edit 2edit b

DSC_0307 edit b

DSC_0162 e33b

DSC_0106 edit 3b

Along with the sun shine there was an Owl in our Norway spruce this morning!

ancient fruit

DSCN1657 edit b

“Fun fact #1 about pomegranates: Pomegranates are awesome.
Fun fact #2: Pomegranates are like little explosions of awesome in your mouth.
Fun fact #3: A lot of people think you’re not supposed to eat the seeds of a pomegranate – but that’s not true, people who tell you that are liars, and they don’t know anything about life, and they should never be trusted.”
― Tahereh Mafi

DSCN1613 edit 2b

At Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters, sitting in the middle of the table, was a silver bowl our Dad had won for a golf tournament before he left for Paris during the War.


I found some panorama’s and etc. back in 2010 dad had shot in Paris with a tiny spy camera he had gotten in France. He was friends with the photography studio that the portrait of him was taken.









Mom and Dad on their honeymoon after the War.