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par 38 can light

DSC_0118 edit b

I had a feeling I would have to purchase a light to film at a Hookah Lounge this weekend. Lucky I did and big thanks for those who danced in the light. Think I caught another couple of gems, I was shooting with four cameras at once, big edit pending.

Wish I could have done more photographs, but hey it’s dancing.

“Let’s look specifically at the PAR38 for a moment. One feature of the PAR38 is that it takes a lamp that is commonly sold at most home improvement centers. This allows for the purchase of new lamps on the road or at the last minute, when ordering lamps from a supplier is impossible. The PAR38’s relatively low wattage (75W-300W) means that several can be used on the same electrical circuit without worry. This fixture is best used at distances of 10′ – 20′ from the subject, making it ideal for small clubs, theaters or churches. It would also work well for bands or DJ’s that provide their own lighting, as the light trees are seldom set up more than twenty feet from the performers. The fact that PAR cans and lamps can be purchased for a relatively small sum, along with their versatility and simplicity, should make PAR fixtures a part of any group’s lighting inventory.”

DSC_0022 edit b

DSC_0049 edit b

Snapshot - 33b

I’m sorry to say because of lack of lighting placement my film footage was unacceptable. Location photography is always dicey with bushiness and patrons, and no stage didn’t help. This is a still from the doomed footage.

unnamed (1)


2 responses

  1. March 1, 2015 at 1:25 am

  2. J Moser

    I specify screw-in base PAR lamps for ALL my museum projects. It saves my clients money on the front-end, saves them operating costs during the life of the museum and spares everybody a lot of headaches, because the museum does not have to special order replacement bulbs.

    March 1, 2015 at 1:56 pm

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