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ruby throat at dusk

DSCN3620hum 22b

The humming bird lady insisted we have our feeder out and was right!


DSC_0535 edit 2b

My first encounter at dusk last August. I’ve bought a red shirt that I hope helps this year?


transverse bamboo flute

DSCN3620 edit b

A still life of a “made in Virginia” bamboo flute (circa 1980’s). I remember the maker lived in Dyke, at the base of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains.

Rhododendron viscosum (Swamp Azalea) 2015

DSCN3579 edit b

DSCN3502 edit b

DSCN3529 edit b

DSC_0034 edit 3b

DSC_0002 edit b

The highlight of the week was hearing Kaoru Watanabe perform : http://www.watanabekaoru.com/

DSC_0996 edit b


DSCN3607 edit b

Our finale of Earth Day at dusk.

The cluttered mind of an artist

Panorama 15 edit ss b

Some wonder what is my current obsession? It often gets side tracked by the journey of what I’m exposed to. Antenna’s, water towers, 19th century buildings, etc. It’s really never ending. Tried to combine what is current fetish and was not exactly what I was striving for but keep on trying. more later…………….

Panorama 15 edit sss b

Panorama 15 edit ssss b


DSC_0214 edit b

DSC_0217 edit b


DSC_0207 edit 2b


DSC_0184 edit 222b

Love these Red Bud trees when they first start to bloom but rarely get to stop or miss moment of early bloom This is just ok and missed another fleeting moment til next season.


pano gallery 5b

I use to do pano’s because of the lack of a wide angle lens and it is also enjoyable to see how far you could push the idea of what the image out come would be? This is 67 separate photographs merged. Just Darn Fun!

pano 1 no 55b


DSC_0435 edit b


DSC_0814 b

DSC_0821 b


Untitled_Panorama dragon b

You can pano unplanned events also…

DSC_0825 b

“First brought to North America by Shakespeare enthusiasts in the nineteenth century, European Starlings are now among the continent’s most numerous songbirds.”



DSC_0709 edit b

Good Friday


In memory of our folks. Pictures below are from Maury Cemetery where my parents are buried.