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reposado memories

DSCN4030 edit 33b

Made a lamp from a jug of reposado from a Cinco de Mayo party of yore.

DSCN4276 edit b


another mouth to feed

DSC_0378 edit 2b

To actually see the young fed the peanuts I supply a select group is more than rewarding.

After a weekend of hand feeding the Titmouse and Thrasher with my hand on a table, the Titmouse land’s on my extended hand. Both these birds were pecking my toes wearing flip flops in the morning?

old crow

DSC_0329 edit 33b

I believe an old crow at Rocketts Landing this morning.

Untitled_Panorama wooden ships 2015 333b

I have photographed the Nina and Pinta before some years back : https://o3bigpicture.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/wooden-ships/


New World  Panosphere 0

DSCN3834 edit b

Mother’s Day card

DSCN3800 JP2clematis b

“Polish Clematis breeder Brother Stefan Francsak, a monk who has produced several outstanding new hybrids. The 4-6″ (10-15cm) creamy white blooms with pink trails and reddish stamens are produced in June, July and August. Plant of the week commencing 4th of April 2005 in tribute to the late Pope John Paul II after whom it was named.”

The last time we have noticed has been some years back since it generally blooms on top of our Carolina Jasmine that did poorly of recent because of our fridgid winter’s.


Cast Iron

DSCN3725 edit b

I found a Korean copy of the Jotul 602 wood stove that I have pined for, for years. These stoves used properly have less emissions or equal to the new catalytic models. In refurbishing this stove I have found a new found interest in cast iron and have also been restoring Althea’s circa 1940 GRIWOLD skillet and a 1880 skillet of my folks. I also want to get down town to take a closer look at the “Stearns Iron-Front and Donnan-Asher Iron-Front Buildings” circa 1866.


Maybe because of the harsh winter and the massive spring cleaning I’m just plain tired and losing enthusiasm for photography. Reaching a point that it seems everything needs refurbishing is tedious at best?

On a lighter side this is probably as close to the urban myth of me building a space ship in the backyard to go to France. LOL!

DSCN3786 edit b

DSCN3792 edit 3b

DSCN3736 edit 2b

Bells of Ireland