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Cast Iron

DSCN3725 edit b

I found a Korean copy of the Jotul 602 wood stove that I have pined for, for years. These stoves used properly have less emissions or equal to the new catalytic models. In refurbishing this stove I have found a new found interest in cast iron and have also been restoring Althea’s circa 1940 GRIWOLD skillet and a 1880 skillet of my folks. I also want to get down town to take a closer look at the “Stearns Iron-Front and Donnan-Asher Iron-Front Buildings” circa 1866.


Maybe because of the harsh winter and the massive spring cleaning I’m just plain tired and losing enthusiasm for photography. Reaching a point that it seems everything needs refurbishing is tedious at best?

On a lighter side this is probably as close to the urban myth of me building a space ship in the backyard to go to France. LOL!

DSCN3786 edit b

DSCN3792 edit 3b

DSCN3736 edit 2b

Bells of Ireland


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  1. I really like your iron piece- my teen son only cooks with an iron skillet – also – my eldest brother is an iron worker so iron pieces are dear to me. Your 1940’s skillet sounds interesting – oh and just a little note about your comment on this “losing enthusiasm for photography” – well I am sure you have been doing this a long time so not to insult in any way – but do keep in mind that all things (hobbies, passions, etc.) might needs seasons of dormancy – or just different pacing – which might even include a pause – oh I dunno – but wishing you a good weekend. cheers.

    May 15, 2015 at 10:49 pm

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