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I’ll Fly Away

Panorama 18 edit 22 raven b



DSC_0817 edit 3b

This little dude is week’s old and clueless what a peanut may be. This morning I saw a titmouse fledgling and am hoping for more birds landing in my hand.

On the Solstice, had a broken water pipe in the concrete slab and moved a Franklin Stove into our fireplace with just a hand truck. Gold-plated problems! Hey I’m just happy to be building character, chuckle…………

June 22, 2015 at 8:59 pm

June 23 somehow I manage to upload my photographs from crashing computer running XP and my only version of Photoshop. Suppose I’ll have to learn Lightroom now? Time for reflection or maybe I’ll just read a book. Guess this may be it!

p.s. My only friend is a bird (chuckle).

lunch under the oak

Panorama 5edit fix b

Union Hill, City of Richmond

My first photographs from Union Hill :  https://o3bigpicture.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/land-of-algonquians/

Untitled_Panorama edit 2b

Route 5, Turkey Island Creek Bicycle Bridge



Untitled_Panorama garden 333b

While working 14 days straight I was able to take a few photographs, my favorite local garden and a beautiful oil portrait from a private collection that I tried to find out more about using a reverse image search : https://www.tineye.com

I had no luck with this incredible portrait.

DSCN4374 edit b


DSC_0318 edit townsend
Detail of an early 19th century oil portrait (private collection) framed by water from a pool. Another unknown oil work that I really like.

below : some pieces at the VMFA that I liked!


Between seventy-five and eighty copies of the original “porthole” portrait of Washington exist, with slight variations. Peale justified the many replicas by claiming that, as the only living painter who had seen Washington, “the reduplication of [my] work, by [my] own hand, should be esteemed the most reliable.”

Untitled_Panorama1 edit 2b

photographed : January 4, 2013

The Lalla Essaydi photograph blew me away, which I have used here in a collage with a plaster copy Egyptian relief that the museum has had for years.
“Lalla Essaydi (Moroccan, b.1956) is a painter and photographer. Her work focuses on the Arab female identity in a 19th-century Orientalist style. She is well-known for hand-drawn Arabic calligraphy paintings done with henna on different types of surfaces, such as fabric, bodies, and even walls.”


fragile life

DSC_0479 edit 3b

This little guy had flew the coup too soon and could only fly a few inches at a time. I moved him but he didn’t stay where I thought was safe. To my amazement he made it half way up our Norway Spruce the last I saw, Godspeed my friend!

DSC_0484 edit 3b

DSC_0482 edit 3b

DSC_0515 edit b

DSC_0474 edit b

The current Kingpin of our backyard.

This is to go site for fledgling and any info about birds : http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/faq/master_folder/attracting/challenges/orphaned

DSC_0565 edit 3b

A fledgling Downy woodpecker, also the chickadee’s have arrived for the suet with their young which are bigger than the adults. The curious thing is the young Thrasher’s, which have found the suet, are clueless what a peanut is when I throw it to them. Their folks would stare down in the kitchen at us waiting for us to help feed them and were raised on peanuts. I’m real curious about the Titmouse fledgling since my Titmouse friend still fly’s into my hand a half dozen times a day for a peanut. Our neighbor had a crow come down and murder a whole nest of Robin’s but so far we have been lucky or I have just been fortunate enough to see anything ghastly.

DSC_0671 edit 3b

I thought I’d have another shot at this but hadn’t had much luck with light and etc. They are very amusing and really fast.