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DSC_0817 edit 3b

This little dude is week’s old and clueless what a peanut may be. This morning I saw a titmouse fledgling and am hoping for more birds landing in my hand.

On the Solstice, had a broken water pipe in the concrete slab and moved a Franklin Stove into our fireplace with just a hand truck. Gold-plated problems! Hey I’m just happy to be building character, chuckle…………

June 22, 2015 at 8:59 pm

June 23 somehow I manage to upload my photographs from crashing computer running XP and my only version of Photoshop. Suppose I’ll have to learn Lightroom now? Time for reflection or maybe I’ll just read a book. Guess this may be it!

p.s. My only friend is a bird (chuckle).


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