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pomegranate bud

pom bud 2b

“The story that has been handed down for many years is that Buddha was touched by a gift of a pomegranate fruit by an old poor woman to him as a way of paying homage to him. From then on, the fruit was considered valuable and blessed, so the people who worship this religion see the fruit the same way Buddha did.”


DSCN1657 edit b

Fruit from the same source last season.


DSCN5080 edit b

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.
It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
_Ralph Waldo Emerson


DSCN4983 edit b

“The classic Eastern Towhee song, given by males, is a loud drink-your-tea! lasting about 1 second. The first note (drink) is sharp and metallic, and the final note (tea) is a musical trill. Sometimes the song will start with more than one drink.”


DSCN7612 edit 3b

Fibonacci sequence

DSCN5004 edit 2b

As I was taking this photo, a humming bird flew into the frame and I jumped instead of shooting away. I’ll try to do better with the Big Picture, there are so many unexpected opportunities that you need a little luck with. I’ve flicked a tit mouse off my hand before when it surprised me. A couple of days ago I thought I’d get a picture of a tit mouse with my best camera but the shutter sound spooked him and took some time to regain his trust to land on my hand again. I suppose this proof of living in today’s photography can be tedious. My lack of talent with the written word makes my case worse………….

DSC_0007 e2b

O3 backyard national park

toe hee  hum 33b

I needed to get away from playing around with Google “DeepDream It”, just too darn creepy. Our backyard has a wealth of imagery more pleasant.


DSC_0918 edit 22b

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.”

Lord Byron


DeepDreamIt O3

DreamDeep O3

I joined a movement today.


illuminated sunflower

i sunflower b

We bought a “Garden Weasel” early spring to plant sunflowers for our bird friends.

i sunflower 2 b


ward combo 3b

On so many levels my life revolves around fusion. An image from this past weekend of Autumn Ward performing at Dogtown Theatre combined with a picture at dawn on the James River near a Quarry from the archive.

The photo below I’ve been wanting to print. Since I’ve started combining Photoshop with LightRoom, this is a roughcut, may print.

DSC_0096 edit 33b

“Dog Town”


photo : circa Feb. 2011

“Manchester had often been referred to as “Dog Town.” The earliest mention is found in an 1887 Richmond Times newspaper article. Benjamin Weisiger writes that there have been a lot of theories but the most common explanation by old-timers refers to the large number of dogs in Manchester “Everybody had a dog.” The late Major John Wright said that the name originated among students at old John Marshall High School just before World War I, when the school received an influx of Manchester students after consolidation. Wright felt that it was not intended as a compliment but the term has stuck to the area.”


K fix4 test b

I shot some photos in RAW and am forcing myself to learn LightRoom, some roughcuts taken last evening at Dogtown Dance Theatre. Wonderful Show!

veil test b

ward test b

Had some time the next morning to do a few more and I am starting to like LightRoom. Who say’s you can’t teach a old “dog” new tricks, (chuckle).

v2 test b

ward2 test b

ward3 test b

ward4 test b

Will correct this series of Autumn Ward when I have time, special Thanks to my dance friends in helping me evolve with my work. I haven’t had the time or energy to do this as of late.

man belly b

There was a male belly dancer that was exceptional, didn’t get a program so clueless who he was?

Evo “Brewster” Fat Bike

DSCN4812 edit 3b

We drove by this on the 4th of July and I had to stop to admire!

“Some things defy explanation. Most bike models fit neatly within certain categories targeted to certain people—but not the Brewster. This is an urban assault bike with a go-anywhere attitude. With massive 4″ tires, an aggressive stance, an 8-speed drivetrain and disc brakes, this bike is unlike anything else on the road. Wherever you want to ride, the Brewster is ready to take you there. Available in two frame sizes, 17″ and 19″, but only in the one colour that matters: black. Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”


DSCN4817 edit 2b