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Capsicum annuum

DSCN5665 edit 2b

“Alerte”, Cupid with Bow, 22 inch by Auguste Moreau (French, 1834 to 1917)

“Americans can eat garbage, provided you sprinkle it liberally with ketchup, mustard, chili sauce, Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper, or any other condiment which destroys the original flavor of the dish”
_Henry Miller

DSCN5687 edit 2b

There’s some truth to Miller’s quote but believe he shot himself in the foot regarding peppers in general. I find them wonderful! Peppers help purify the the blood and in some case’s cure ailments.

Photos : Banana peppers when their at the peak of sweetness, crimson red.


walk in the woods

shenadoah Panorama 9 print b
A walk in the woods just hasn’t been happening for me as of late so reflecting on old photographs and the Robert Redford movie will have to do. The movie looks to be a belly laugh which is much needed!

Panorama 4 edit w b


DSC_0145 edit b


the BIRDMAN #2


photo : Arthur Stephens Photography

the painted ladies

DSC_0271 edit 3b

RVA street art 2015.

DSC_0228 edit 3b

DSC_0210 edit 3b


DSC_0443 edit 2b


DSC_0437 edit 3b

On many levels a big “What!”

Passiflora (redux)


DSC_0335 edit 3b

The wonder continues…..

DSCN5480 edit 2b



DSC_0165 O3 watermark 3

I rarely use a watermark and tend to find them arrogant. I did enjoy developing this one and may start using?


Passiflora (時計草 tokeisō)

DSC_0104 edit 3000b

One of the few plants that I have grown from a clipping. A wonder indeed!

DSCN5288 edit 300b

DSCN7738 edit 4200 b

“I remember him with a dark passionflower in his hand, looking at it as no one has ever looked at such a flower, though they might look from the twilight of day until the twilight of night, for a whole life long.”

― Jorge Luis Borges, Ficciones

A series from the first bloom in 2011 below :


I’d built a flower press along the way, believe this was 2012.


DSCN5398 edit 3bThe second to last photo after hundreds taken with help in lighting by my wife. This was taken a hour after dusk, uncertain how long before they wilt by morning.


DSC_0069 edit b

I had been waiting all week for a passion flower bud my wife had called my attention to in our yard. Friday some how I missed it opening which is a short lived event. Hopefully another chance tomorrow?

DSC_0276 edit b

DSC_0004 edit b

I feel as though I have been failing at my attempts to capture what is on my mind currently. It truly is more about the journey in the creating……



“The origin of Jordan’s Branch, now covered by development, apparently lies about 1½ miles west of Willow Lawn near St. Christopher’s School. Some people in that area once called the stream Tiber Creek. It runs almost entirely in underground pipes until it emerges at that Broad Street culvert by a green “Jordan’s Branch” sign.”


“Society needs to adjust its cultural norms on lawn aesthetics. For the health of the planet, and for our own health, we need to start letting nature dictate how we design our outdoor spaces.”


“There are 40.5 million acres of lawn in the United States, more than double the size of the country’s largest national forest. We disconnect ourselves from wildlife habitat loss by viewing it as a problem caused by industry and agriculture. But habitat loss isn’t a problem happening out there somewhere; it’s happening in our own back yards.”

_Sarah Baker



RED 22b

The next morning I got a shot of a Cooper’s Hawk (chicken hawk) that are so quick I rarely have to blink when I notice them. I’m hoping he wasn’t eating one of my friends?

chicken hawk