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UCI Road World Championships RVA

DSC_0298 b

Day one RVA, Team Time Trial Training.

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Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
H. G. Wells

DSC_0466 edit b

Day 2, the other side of the bridge.

DSC_0508 edit 000 pb

DSC_0533 edit b

UCI_Panorama1 e3b

Day 4, I ventured out to see the women’s elite and was pulling for Carmen Small a really cool American, from what I’ve read.

DSC_0769 edit b


DSC_0768 edit b

DSC_0582 edit 3b

DSC_0735 edit b

A couple of photographs from day 6.

DSC_0680 edit 2b

“Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever,” Maria del Pilar Vasquez chanted to herself to keep her legs spinning.
_Maria del Pilar Vazquez

DSC_0800 edit 2b

Day 7, completely missed focal point while shooting totally manual and filming with a 2nd camera. The point being it has been a privilege to be witness of this event and will try again during the rain!

DSC_0820 edit b

Day 8

DSC_0825 edit b

DSC_0828 edit b

DSC_0841 edit b

DSC_0889 edit b

Day 9, was able to ride my Schwinn Cruiser to catch the rise from UR.

DSC_0895 edit b


By chance I got a photo of Peter Sagan our new world champion on the road course training day when I was shooting with an all manual camera. Very good looking young man but seemed to have focused on his female teammate (Tereza Medvedov√°). My batting average in getting good shots wasn’t very good for this event but really enjoyed never the less.

DSC_0777 edit b



I had a chickadee land on my hand for a peanut today and all three titmouse friends. Reflecting what was so special about today my pea brain remembered it was my mom’s birthday who would have been 101. A couple of cool photo’s of mom at the Virginia State Fair circa 1930’s? She’s sitting on a bear in one below.




DSC_0152 edit 222 print b

One edition print I did this weekend.


RVA 1st Accordion Concert

DSC_0514 edit b

Photographed from the balcony of the BYRD Theatre (NICE show).
DSC_0534 edit b

DSC_0565 edit b

DSC_0587 edit b

DSC_0617 b

DSC_0659 b



DSC_0547 edit b






The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra deemed my banana trees worthy of group portrait this year. Costumes by Christina Lindholm.



DSCN5847 edit b

I managed one good snapshot on my p300 and short film pending………….

Bird on a Wire #2

DSC_0533 edit b

DSC_0545 edit b

See You in September

1960 Hercules 1-22-2008

My first bike I received Christmas (circa 1960). Restored 2008 for my wife. Taken with my first digital Nikon, a Coolpix L6.

DSC_0307 edit b


2015 UCI Road World Championships : http://richmond2015.com/