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DSC_0125 edit b
The first shots taken with the 1970’s era Nikkor 50mm f2 lens.

DSC_0134 e3b

DSC_0142 e3b

DSC_0161 edit b

Loved the dancing on pumpkin this evening!

DSC_0191 e2b

The next day still shooting at f2 I got just two pictures I liked, but the “Día de Muertos” skeleton is really good!

DSC_0262 edit b

This was shot at f4 which is probably the sharpest this lens shoot’s.

DSC_0287 edit b

The best light of the day is always when the sun gets sideways near sunset or early dawn in the morning. Happen to be at La Milpa for this wonderful shot.

DSCN6334 e3 print b

nikon p300



living in the past

DSC_0344 eb

Testing a Vivitar Automatic Tele Converter 2x-3. Using vintage lens’s from the 70’s I swear has the look of film, who know’s, the main difference is glass lens appose to plastic used today. I also got a Nikkor 50mm f2 that was the workhorse of the era, pre digital.

DSC_0343 eb

DSC_0363 e3b

Untitled_Panorama rapid 2b

DSC_0412 e3b

DSC_0463 e3b

Nonesuch Place

FM 2222 fix b

Demolition underway at the 17th Street Farmers’ Market

“All the sheds, with the exception of the middle bay and the end bays on Franklin and Main Streets, will be removed,” city spokeswoman Tammy Hawley said. “During the next phase, the Department of Economic and Community Development will seek proposals to manage, operate and brand the 17th Street Market.”

Untitled_Panorama 17FM  3b

Never sure of the lethargic interest in the this area which John Smith and others thought enough of, as to influence the coming to the New World.


DSC_0243 edit c


FM 44 b


Some pictures I’ve taken in the past few years of the market below.








G5 RVApano print 33 final b

The “Moulin Rouge” of Richmond (Gallery 5).



An Deanna Danger animated gif Can Can performance at Mardi Gras RVA 2013 at Dogtown Dance Theatre.

The top photo was inspired by :

CBS NEWS October 11, 2015, 11:55 AM
​The history of the cancan


RFF from Lee Bridge wm b

Every time I think I’ve sworn off festivals somehow I’m drawn in, that is to photograph. Without a camera I’d be naked and definitely wouldn’t attend. I filmed Grupo Rebolú Friday night and today photographed Amargue Bachata Quintet with Andre Veloz.

Untitled_Panorama domin t fix b


Untitled_Panorama 33 b

DSC_0192 edit b

DSC_0056 edit b

DSC_0107 edit b


DSC_0014 edit 2b


image resolution

All my TV’s pre-HDTV worked 20 years plus. Last night our first HDTV faded, in making sense of what to replace it with I copied this info, which most are ignorant including myself. Seems we consumers are being fleeced by the confusion.

HDTV formats as adopted by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), based on 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, using refresh rates that vary between 24Hz and 60Hz. The basic difference between these HDTV formats is mainly one of image resolution.
The only commercially available 1080p content comes in the form of high-definition discs from Blu-ray and the few satellite TV services.
There is little chance broadcasters will jump to 1080p any time soon due to bandwidth limitations.
The only way to enjoy true 1080p HDTV commercially available content apart from hooking a PC to your HDTV set is a Blu-ray disc.
1080i and 720p
Because our TV world is based around 60Hz, and because there’s a limit to how much resolution could be transmitted over the air (because of bandwidth and MPEG compression), the two main HDTV resolutions are 1080i and 720p.
720p is 1,280×720 pixels, running at 60 frames per second (fps). This is the format used by ABC, Fox, ESPN ( fast motion looks better at 60fps).
The 1080i designation is 1,920×1,080 pixels, running at 30 frames per second. This is what CBS, NBC, and just about every other broadcaster uses.

soligor 70-222mm f3.5

DSC_0037 e24 b

I went back in archive to look at some of photos I liked with this lens. circa : early 2014

Found lens date in : Popular Science Dec 1978

I wouldn’t recommend paying more than a nickel for this lens even though it serve my purpose somewhat for a couple of months. Too bad, it’s a cool looking piece of glass.

DSC_0354 edit 2222 b

DSC_0196 e2b

DSC_0177 edit Therapy b

DSC_0918 e33b

chasing crow b

DSC_0287 b

DSC_0812 edit b

DSC_0224 edit b

DSC_0067 portrait b

DSC_0948 edit spere b

DSC_0096 edit 2b

Shooting in the dark

k 2014 0fix b

Khalima : Carnival of 5 fires 2014

A fellow photographer had been asking me to check out the fire burner’s for a while and finally in 2011, I attended and been attempting to shoot in little to no light with enjoyment! This year the fire show was canceled by weather.

Panorama deepa de jour fix b
Deepa De Jour : Carnival of 5 fires 2015
soligor 70-222mm f3.5
a higher quality lens product line with the label “C / D” (probably computer design).
I had retired this thrift store lens because I wasn’t getting the bird shots I wanted with it but the extra low f-stop worked well here. Not as sharp as my nikon but a great old school softness. The Khalima photo was with my vintage nikon zoom at f4.5 which struggled in the G5 light.

G5 RVApano print 33 final b

In their words : “Be warned: you will encounter fire performance and pyro play, burlesque beauties, bellydance shimmies, circus celebrations, sideshow situations, tarot laying truth tellers, live music of many sizes and sounds, puppet pageantry, DJs demanding you dance and so much more.”

DSC_0269 edit b
2012 G5 photo


DSCN5951 b

Lily Lamberta’s wonderful large puppets in 2nd floor gallery (Gallery 5).

DSCN5961 b


A couple of favorites from years past…..





DSCN5969 edit sb

We came out from eating a fish taco on Cary Street and were overwhelmed with love, what a wonderful beast (Papillion)!



Juan Salinas, November 2012
17th Street Farmers Market before dismantled as of late.


OriginalGridRVApano edit fix print b

The latest from the print series.