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Shooting in the dark

k 2014 0fix b

Khalima : Carnival of 5 fires 2014

A fellow photographer had been asking me to check out the fire burner’s for a while and finally in 2011, I attended and been attempting to shoot in little to no light with enjoyment! This year the fire show was canceled by weather.

Panorama deepa de jour fix b
Deepa De Jour : Carnival of 5 fires 2015
soligor 70-222mm f3.5
a higher quality lens product line with the label “C / D” (probably computer design).
I had retired this thrift store lens because I wasn’t getting the bird shots I wanted with it but the extra low f-stop worked well here. Not as sharp as my nikon but a great old school softness. The Khalima photo was with my vintage nikon zoom at f4.5 which struggled in the G5 light.

G5 RVApano print 33 final b

In their words : “Be warned: you will encounter fire performance and pyro play, burlesque beauties, bellydance shimmies, circus celebrations, sideshow situations, tarot laying truth tellers, live music of many sizes and sounds, puppet pageantry, DJs demanding you dance and so much more.”

DSC_0269 edit b
2012 G5 photo


DSCN5951 b

Lily Lamberta’s wonderful large puppets in 2nd floor gallery (Gallery 5).

DSCN5961 b


A couple of favorites from years past…..





DSCN5969 edit sb

We came out from eating a fish taco on Cary Street and were overwhelmed with love, what a wonderful beast (Papillion)!



Juan Salinas, November 2012
17th Street Farmers Market before dismantled as of late.


OriginalGridRVApano edit fix print b

The latest from the print series.


2 responses

  1. Shooting in the dark: lose your fear of pushing up the ISO!

    My Nikon doesn’t do well past 800 iso and I’ve been using two telephoto lens’s from the 1970’s which I have to shoot all manual on the camera. I enjoy looking at some of these folks Instagram sites and amazed at their photos using a phone? I’ve really been feeling “old school” , for real! These folks at Gallery 5 have always been very kind, talented,etc……

    October 4, 2015 at 11:16 am

  2. November 19, 2015 at 7:39 am

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