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DSC_0125 edit b
The first shots taken with the 1970’s era Nikkor 50mm f2 lens.

DSC_0134 e3b

DSC_0142 e3b

DSC_0161 edit b

Loved the dancing on pumpkin this evening!

DSC_0191 e2b

The next day still shooting at f2 I got just two pictures I liked, but the “Día de Muertos” skeleton is really good!

DSC_0262 edit b

This was shot at f4 which is probably the sharpest this lens shoot’s.

DSC_0287 edit b

The best light of the day is always when the sun gets sideways near sunset or early dawn in the morning. Happen to be at La Milpa for this wonderful shot.

DSCN6334 e3 print b

nikon p300



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