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refurbished #7

DSC_1050 7 1b

I spent the last week restoring our cookware of which a nineteenth century family skillet took the most time. Uncertain of date but found one online that looks to be same that gives this information : This ancient cooking artifact is an outstanding pre-1890’s era, I.A.S. & Co. #7 cast iron skillet. Inside cooking surface measures 8″ wide; upper rim diameter measures 9-1/4″; and bowl depth is 1-3/4″.

Dual conical pouring spouts are very pronounced like those found on 1880’s era First Series Griswold #10 skillets. Upper bowl rim is reinforced, much like what is found on early “ERIE” production skillets. Thin, decorative, high-arched handle is well cast, exhibiting an attractive debossed inner outline decoration.


I.A.S. & CO. – ISAAC A. SHEPPARD & Co. Philidelphia, then Baltimore 1859-c.1930
……bulge pots,straight pots, pit bottom pots, spiders, skillets, ham boiler,waffle irons,tea kettles, long gridirons,
……long pans & cake griddles, 3-leg eccentric kettles



DSCN6456 edit 3b

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