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GoPro rough-cut



My first panorama with a GoPro. I didn’t take it thru all the versions of software but like the feel of the image with this one test. The folks beside me were shooting with one also from the distinct beeping I heard from their camera.

Curious that wordpress puts an image caption on the post? I can’t keep up with all the digital world and find some of it annoying, I did mention my only friend is a bird! (chuckle)…



DSC_0101 edit edit 33b

Very thankful for heat and electricity thru this event, first time ever my truck couldn’t get out and currently. Big Thanks to the folks plowing enough for us to get out as I posted this. Must have been our Hospital neighbor? Our street has been in third world condition for years which I can live with but being stranded is a little too much, so very grateful.

jonas crow 3b

first gopro photos below……






DSC_0143 edit 3b

The Passiflora rich in religious symbolism still occupies my thoughts during these short days with an artic plunge and Windy Clipper System upon us. Much appreciating our Franklin stove while listening to David Bowie’s, “Lazarus” and our Presidents hope in the state of the union speech. This passion flower photograph was taken last August 20th, 2015 out our backdoor.

Déjà vu #3

DSC_0328 edit 3b

Re-visited our passion flower photos from last summer from our backyard. Still in awe of finding some blooming this month.

DSC_0410 edit 6b

File1446 edit 2b


DSCN6845 edit 2b

I was surprised by a wall of passion flowers in bloom on a side street in the FAN while searching out the last of the Holiday Lights with some family last evening.

DSCN6821 edit 3b

Finally more arctic air making it down for a few days and some well spent time in a museum.

DSCN6883 edit 3b

DSCN6867 edit 2b

DSCN6872 edit 2b

DSCN6871 edit b


This is a ” Danaide” in a friends private collection that I enjoy more than ones in the museum show. It was curious how the same pieces varied so much? I noticed the bronze’s in the show were cast in the 1950’s _ 80’s and nineteenth century. Looking forward to reading more about Rodin!