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Panorama 1 little river 2016 print b

I started doing panorama’s when photography went digital and you could stitch the pictures using software. The cropped sensor on most camera’s gives an incorrect size of the lens and not an exact picture of what you are seeing even with the so called reflex. Unless you have payed big bucks for a full frame camera, THINK beyond the frame.

DSCN7150 edit 3b

This photo is even more cropped but I enjoy because 16:9 (1.77:1) (16:9 = 42:32) since 2009 it has become the most common aspect ratio for televisions and computer monitors, and is also the international standard format of HDTV, Full HD, non-HD digital television and analog widescreen television.

DSCN7187 edit 3b

Today we made it the farthest up the Little River to date.

DSCN7166 edit b

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