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Art is the uniting of the subjective with the objective, of nature with reason, of the unconscious with the conscious, and therefore art is the highest means of knowledge.


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Neptune Maquette #6

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Since viewing the RODIN show at the first of the year I’ve been interested in photographing bronze. Until I get to the beach to photograph the big Neptune with a long lens, there is the Glen Allen life size version where I had just missed A. Stephens photography class shooting this today.





circle of life

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5/22/2016: 7.68 inches, the time these photographs were taken.
Below are the top 10 wettest Mays on record in Richmond, according to the National Weather Service:
1. 1889: 9.13 inches.
2. 1873: 8.98 inches.
3. 1972: 8.87 inches.
4. 1886: 8.67 inches.
5. 2003: 8.59 inches.
6. 1946: 7.73 inches.
7. 1924: 7.36 inches.
8. 1990: 6.85 inches.
9. 1971: 6.82 inches.
10. 1894: 6.74 inches.

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One year Anniversary of a wild creature flying into my hand for peanuts.

A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count.

Recommended by a friend on Haiku in the future : http://faculty.gvsu.edu/websterm/cummings/Welch4.htm

Probably just a one time attempt by myself.

Refurbished Statue Honoring Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart, CSA

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“Stuart-Mosby Historical Society Leads Campaign to Refurbish and Repair.”


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DSC_0630  STUART refurbished b

A few days later in full sun….

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Hardback Castle Books, 1964, Facsimile reprint of Grove First American Edition.

Front dust jacket color illustration, “The Next to Last Confederate General,” by Larry Rivers

“The inspiration for setting the novel in Big Sur was part reality, and part response to both Henry Miller’s memoir Big Sur (1957) and the forthcoming novel by Jack Kerouac, Big Sur, to be published in August 1962, in which he recounted a short summer stay at Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s rustic cabin in the Big Sur area.”


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I made it by the Virginia Historical Society for a copy of The Virginia Magazine (JAN 1995) for a great picture Of the sculptor Frederick Moynihan standing in front of what appears a plaster cast of Stuart sculpture.

Very little info on Moynihan : Frederick Moynihan was an American sculptor, born on the Isle of Guernsey in 1843. He died at his in New York City studio on January 9, 1910.

After the sketches of the design were disclosed, the stance for Stuart sparked controversy as it closely resembled the statue of English military leader, General Sir James Outram by sculptor John Henry Foley , located in India. Moynihan worked as an assistant to Foley, local citizens were appalled by the seemingly lack of originality that the project for Stuart had been given and cried plagiarism. Moynihan agreed to make some changes to the design which satisfied the Stuart Monument Association.


Statue of Sir James Outram Calcutta (Kolkata) - Mid 19th Century


Photographer: Francis Frith Date: Between 1850s to 1870s Whole-plate albumen print from wet collodion glass negative.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

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My wife got this at a True Value Hardware Store in Clifton Forge this past week end. We will be levitating soon, chuckle!

First of all: there are no salt mines in the Himalayas. Pink rock salt is usually mined from Pakistan or Poland. “Himalayan” is just a descriptor, because a “Punjabi Foothills salt lamp” doesn’t sound quite so exotic. It’s all the same salt which Pakistani grandmothers use for cooking.