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Archive for August, 2016

Powhatan Hill Wedding

DSC_0992 edit b

A couple of inspiring friends marriage under the pines this afternoon.

DSC_0006 edit 2b

DSC_0026 edit b

DSC_0028 edit b

DSC_0048 edit b

in the pines #4

DSC_0967 edit 33 b

The neighbors and I scared off a murder of crows that were after our young friend.

“Hurry Up and Wait”

DSC_0900 edit 33b

As close as it gets with my equipment.


DSC_0896 edit 3b

The more relaxed, less pissed off version. These little guys chatter and have amusing personality’s.



DSC_0766 edit stack 3b

Hummingbirds are New World birds that constitute the family Trochilidae.
Most Ruby-throated Hummingbirds winter between southern Mexico and northern Panama.
The past couple of days I’ve taken hundreds of shots trying to get closer. A tufted tit mouse landed on the branch I had been photographing so I have a great comparison of the size of the ruby throated hummingbird. May get lucky and get a killer close up but they disappear quick this time of year to migrate south.

DSC_0684 edit 2b

The bird on the wire shot from this morning.

Fleeting Moments #7

DSC_0566 edit 33 b

Most of our birds buzz around us. I really miss my friend that regularly landed in my hand who has moved on?

DSC_0455 edit 3b


DSC_0434 edit 2b

Mr. Peanut siting at WALMART.

DSC_0465 edit 2b

where on earth?



I have the know how to capture the milky way with GoPro, with a little luck and somebody with a stargazer app It may happen?

DSCN7957 edit 3b

A web I’ve walked through the past couple of nights….

DSCN7886 edit 2b

Althea looked it up and said it was an Orb-weaver spider, she later walked through its web in horror later in evening.



Southeast : final try for the weekend….


color world

DSC_0395 edit 3b


DSC_0397 edit 3333 b

My very young neighbor took me to see her and grandmothers new fledgling friend (red tail hawk) who we watched eat a squirrel brought by one of its parents.

DSC_0440 edit 3b