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In my case I specifically went to the highest peaks in the Shenandoah National Park to photograph a Raven.


DSC_0165 O3 watermark 3


img_0363r1 b
photo : John Moser


Panorama 13 edit 222b


Panorama 18 edit 22 raven b

“Put a Bird on It” is a catchphrase that stems from a comedic skit featured in an episode of the American sketch comedy TV series Portlandia. While originally intended as a satire of the avian motif that became a trend in hipster fashion and home décor merchandises during the early 2010s, the phrase has been since incorporated into the aforementioned products as an ironic tagline.

During this troubling weekend I happen to see Fred Armisen referring to this and felt uplifted that somehow I’m indirectly involved with this movement. A belly laugh and humor will pull us through these times of constant despair.

1s01690u where ravens flew post card print size


1s01690u where ravens flew b



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