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Archive for October, 2017

monument avenue clown mannequin

A curious piece that we drive by heading west.



I find too often “obsolete” effecting my life. Loss of a peaceful country road is tragic.

We have moved into a totally green home after 30 years and still have my converted gas lamp that hung in the Terell Store with an original Edison bulb.

In our kitchen in keeping with everything green in house is a led version of the original Edison bulb.


In moving I’ve been trying to thin the archive realizing realistically that 90% of one’s possessions are going to end up in a Thrift Store one day no matter how much you treasure. These few items ease my mind that made the move. A silver dollar my father carried in his pocket everyday, my wedding ring, my grandfathers telegraph key, my grandfather standing in his model-t truck over seeing his posse and a 1000$ Confederate war bond, that would be nice to cash in, chuckle….


I had to depart with our vintage pot belly stove, our remaining wood stove is being used as an end table. The list of obsolete is massive.



Our brief visit to the Richmond Folk Festival 10/15/2017