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Abstract Surrealism

“Abstract Surrealism” – stream-of-mind acrylics by Richmond artist Fred Weatherford.
Richmond Public Library : June 2, 2017
Fred is powerful, prolific, and rivals the greats!





My shots of the Library opening evening.


and on leaving…



musa basjoo banana flower

Constant change, interesting flower.

fledgling barred owl

Wonderful new creature of the Spring.
photo : paradise farm

majestic sight

The Great Blue Heron is a majestic sight especially over an urban neighborhood as today for me. Even rarer for me to have a camera in hand when I’ve noticed them.

the edge

It seems all the photo’s I take are on the edge of exposure and motion blur. This was at dusk and below the chickadee doesn’t linger, most shots are just lucky shooting these guys manually.



The highs, the lows

Basjoo Banana Tree Bud
Musa basjoo, thought to have originated from the Ryukyu islands of Japan.


I’ve been waiting years for a bloom, curious it is the first of Spring?


Sweetie our 20 year old cat is fading, she comforted me through some bleak times, my heart is breaking…

return of the Birdman

It’s been exactly a year since the departure of my tit mouse friend. This chickadee landed in my hand six times today. Nothing like it!

This past January photo, such a tiny bird, not easy to photograph. I’m sorry to say I can’t tell if these photos from the past couple of years is my bird in hand?

“Chloe” Jaume Plensa, VMFA


What a beauty!


The last time I photographed the sculpture garden in 2012.


earth day 2017

A couple of snapshots from a wonderful family event.



abandoned gardens

Our urban block is either demolished or abandoned.





This morning as I was picking up trash on the block I ran across this. The marketing of laughing gas as erotic whip it was as disturbing as the creepy folks who litter, god only knows what may have been in the tin foil?


Easter print

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